Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adhishtanam at Elayathangudi

Close to Pudukottai near Karaikudi is Elayathangudi (Vidiathangugi). It is the home of the nattukottai chettiar Community. There are plenty of lakes and ponds with a huge siva temple . This area houses the adhishtanam and vedapatashalai of the Kanchi mutt slaiyathangudi1
The Ganesh temple before reaching the Adhishtanam and patasalai
Sri Sudarsana Mahadevendra Saraswati : Son of Seshadri Sastri of Madhyarjuna was known as Mahalingam prior to his sanyasa. He toured extensively and attained siddhi at Ilaiyattangudi on Amavasya in the month of Phalguna of the cyclic year Virodhi (1891 AD).His pontificate was for 40 years. A Temple has been built by the Nattukottai Chettiars on his samadhi.
(Actuallythis periyava is also  related to our mahaperiyava in his poorvashrama. ) ref:



From the Kanchi mutt calender 2018


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  1. Can we have a more clear photo of culvert “Adi Sankarar Niruvia Matanga” as we can not read clearly when enlarged, thanks in advance