Monday, April 4, 2011

Thirumullaivoyal Masilamani and Kodi idai ambal Temple

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On the Chennai Ambattur route 14 KMS from the padi flyover after crossing Ambattur you will come to Thirumullaivoyal. At the centre of the town on the right side is a road  Kulakkarai Street which is quite rough and it leads to first the Patchaiamman koil made famous by many film shootings
Thirumullaivoyal Pachaiamman Temple
Once you cross this temple the road takes a right turn and you can see the temple tank and before that is the templeDSCN2731
The ardha mandabam in front has exquisite carvings as seen above
As you enter you find a vinayakar sannidhi with the statues showing the history of the temple above it.
Legend of the temple:
documentary on Raj TV
In ancient times, the forest surrounding Thirumullaivoyal was occupied by two Kurumbars named Vanan and Onan. King Thondaiman who was the emperor there tried to end the atrocities by waging a war against them. En route to the war-field, his elephant's leg was surrounded by mullai creepers. The king, while cutting those climbers,found blood oozing out of it and later found that it was the Siva linga from which the blood was oozing. The king was deeply worried; but, according to the Temple History, the Lord appeared before him and pacified the king saying, 'In spite of the blood I am Pure' -- hence the name Masilamani. The king duly defeated the kurumbas and brought with him the two white-erukku pillars from their palace and used them while building the temple for Masilmaninathar. The pillars can be seen in the main sanctum.
It is believed that the Lord supported the king in destroying the Kurumbas by sending the Nandi.
The unique feature of the temple is the Nandi facing eastward away from  Lord Shiva. as he is being sent by the lord to battle to help the King Thondaiman.
This is one of the few temples where the positions of the Lord and Ambal are interchanged. . Normally Ambal sannidhi is found to the left of the Sivan sannidhi
Kodiyidai amman is found on the right hand side of Sivan before the Sivan sannidhi.This is believed to be because of the urgency in providing darshan to the king ambal and Sivan as they stood at that time.
The ambal Kodiyidai Nayagi is in standing posture facing east and is a very tall Idol
The main sanctum has a huge sivalingam Maasilamanishwarar (means one who has no blemish) The lord  is covered in sandalwood paste all year long to prevent the pain of the sword lashing!. Abhishekams are for the avudiar only

The Ambal has a special connection with tiruvotriyur and melur

  • Tiruvudai Amman, Melur: (near Minjur)  Iccha Shakthi  (thought)
  • Kodiyidai Amman, Tirumullaivoyil:           Kriya Shakthi (deed)
  • Vadivudai Amman, Tiruvotriyur:             Gnana Shakthi (mind)
It is believed that you must visit the above three temples in a single day for prosperity and answer of our prayers.
Vada Thirumullai vayil Kovil, finds mention in , Devara Pathigham 21 Thondhai Nadu.
Bilvatree with fruits in the temple
There is no navagraha sannidhi here as the navagrahas are all believed to be manifested within the lord himself
Sri Arunagirinaadhar, Sri Sundharar and Sri Vallalaar have visited this temple and have sung praise on the Lord here. Sri Arunagirinaadhar has sung a special Vada Thirumullaivayil Thiruppugazh here, which is inscribed on stone in the temple.

There are  also couple of ancient inscriptions dating about 1915 and beyond, mentioning  the donations made to the temple welfare by  Pachaiyappa Mudaliar & a lady called Chellammal for the maintenance of the temple.