Friday, May 20, 2011

Thirupattur Brahma temple

On a recent return journey from Trichy We were fortunate to see the above temple.
Thirupattur Brahma temple;
For the legend and official photos Click here for the official temple website

This is a very rare temple that houses a separate sannidhi fo Brahma .Lord Brahma is usually not worshipped in Temples.
It also houses the jiva samadhi of Shri. Pathanjali maharishi ( the rishi who wrote the yoga shasthras, and also adiseshan’s human form )
Nearby a little distance away in a siva temple  is  the samadhi of Vyagrapaadha the Tiger clawed sage who is usually described along with pathanjali
How to reach::
Thirupattur (or Thirupidavur) is around 35 km from Trichy on the Trichy – Chennai Highway.  While driving from Trichy, take a left near Siruganur  just after MAM engineering college . The road to Lalgudi also branches off at the right here . The temple is about 6 km from the highway through very quaint Indian countryside.  It is at a distance of about 16 km from Samayapuram (Mariamman temple).
This is one of the very few brahma temples I can remember (the one in Rajasthan is another).
As you enter the main gopuram you enter the praharam with the Dwaja sthambam and nandi.The pillars of this hall have exquisite carvings
A door way to the right leads to the amman temple and the 12  shivas outside. Below is the view of the door from outside from the twelve  shivas temple and old Kailasanathar temple20120519_164601
Theis praharam leads to the next which is the garba gruha with Siva as a majestic linga Shri Brahmapureeshwarar
. The second Praharam on the right of the main praharm has the Samadhi of patanjali, the Brahma sannidhi is infront of the adhishtanam .This praharam also has various sannidhis for Ganesha,murugan, saptha kannikas , gajalakshmi,navagrahas. There is still construction/ repair  work going on inside here .
The Brahma sannidhi has been re built with mosaic tiles and looks jarring.
The patanjali samadhi is enclosed in a glass partition and is meant for peaceful meditation but with no air circulation  is claustrophobic20120519_161900
20120519_162237 20120519_162245 20120519_162000 20120519_162041 20120519_162220
Around thedwaja sthambam on all sides are  are piuctures of narasimha with prahalladha, Hiranya kashyapu etc,
A rare ganapathy, narasimha, anjeneya
The temple legend
Once ypu leave this complex you see the Amman sannidhi next
The  ambal here is Brahma sampath Gowri. The temple is simple with a garba gruha and various female Kostha vigrahas . Ambal is standing and very serene
Next door is the Pallava complex of the 12 shivas and an old Kailasanatha Temple maintined by ASI presently undergoing repairs. The maintemple has a huge 16 facetted linga in a crumbling temple. The nandi here is exquisite. There is also a Deep pool inside with dirty moss covered water.
 20120519_163825List of shrines
  20120519_164050Kailasanathar temple
20120519_16443120120519_163902 20120519_16391120120519_163848  20120519_164147 20120519_164418

It is believed that when we visit these twelve  shiva shrines the punyam of visiting the main temples shown here is obtained
The 16 facetted lingam in th Garbhagruha
The hall outside the temple
A very vast and ancient temple with exquisite carvings and Patanjali’s Jeevasamadhi