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Adhishtanams of the Kanchi seers- Keezhambi-Adhishtanam of shri Advaitatma Prakasendra Saraswati the 60 th pontiff

This seer was the successor of shri .Bhagawan nama bodhendra of Govindapuram.
How to reach:
Keezhambi is a small village west of Kanchipuram on the bangalore highway. The place is about 10 kms from the present Sri madam. Take the road towards Ekambranathaswamy temple and proceed straight for 8 kms.till you reach the engineering college and just after this take left turn. You will see lush green Verdant fields amidst which rests the adhishtanam seen below.
There is a small sivan koil nearby which adds tothe serenity as well as a large banyan grove by which name the place is identified.
Cars will travel up to the banyan trees after which we have to walk in the open field
The keys to the adhisntanam are with a farm hand Vijayaraghavan who lives nearby and is seen in the photo below pointing to the adhishtanam.He appeared from nowhere and guided me inside which by itself was a divine intervention at 11 AM
The Mutt has built a structure for the adhishtanam.Recently a mahrudram was performed here.
Sri Advaitatma Prakasendra Saraswati : He was also known as Govinda. He was the son of Parasurama, a native of a village adjoining the river Vasistha. His former name was Sruti-Pandita. For some time, he lived in Govindapuram where his predecessor had attained mukti. He was held in very great veneration by Sahaji, , the King of Tanjore. He attained mukti at the village Ambi, near Kanchi on Krishna Dwitiya in the month of Chaitra of the cyclic year Svabhanu (1704 AD). His brindavan at Ambi is in daily worship.
(weblink:history of the kanchi mutt)
It was very difficult to tear myself away from such verdant surroundings.
Today 14/1/12 I had the oppurtunityto visit the place in the presence of Shri Sivarama sroutigal who takes care of the adhishtanam lovingly. He had made venpongal prasadam and we had a nice darshan of the abhishekam and pooja done with great reverence.The children of the village enjoyed the prasadam which the srouthrigal had made lovingly .
Ganapathy enroute to the adhishtanam

from the Kanchi calender 2018
60. Sri Advaitatma Prakasendra Saraswati
1692 - 1704 A.D.
आचाय - 60 - अयाकाशेः
अथ ··· पिरतोऽटनम ्॥ १२१ ॥
आकाशे ··· िसिमापत ्॥ १२२ ॥
अयमेव··· भम ्॥
Then, son of Paraśurāma on the banks of river
Vaśiṣṭha, well-versed in scriptures, touring all
around bore the burden (or preceptor) on him.
This sage by name Govinda with the appellation
Ātmaprakāśendra carried out the responsibilities of
preceptor for twelve years. He attained siddhi on
the second day of Kṛṣṇapakṣa in the month Caitra
of the year Svabhānu.
This preceptor remained in Shahajipuram for a long
period hailed as Govindajagadguru by Śrădhara
Veṅkateśa and other learned men.
(as in Kāmakoṭi Kośasthāna edition)
॥ अथ पुयोकमरी पिरिशम् ॥
पोलेकामाजन-शाराकर-ीरामशिणीतः ितीय भागः