Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shri Bhadrakali amman temple Tiruvalangadu

I have already referred to   this temple in my blog on The Tiruvalangadu vadaaranyeshwarar temple . The route, Legend can be obtained  from the blog at
There is a practice followed that this kali temple has to be visited first before visiting lord Shiva.kakalurtiruvangadu 032
The temple has a beautiful pond by the Eastern  side behind the shiva temple20120517_142430
main entrance of the temple seen below 
The temple main gate is facing north and the Bhadra kaliamman  is facing south so when you enter you  see the back side of the temple.When you circumambulate you come to the southern entrance which has the bali peedam , simha vahanam and dwajasthambam.
Seen below is the entrance to th temple..
The dwajasthambam and Bali peetam20120517_143437
The temple itself is small, neat.The kaliamman here is shantha swaroopi with 8 limbs and is in the dancing pose with the legs flexed at the knees. The Utsava vigraham is placed in the Tiruvalangadu Shiva temple which is  a replica both in size as well as beauty.
The temple has a rich calm atmosphere and really entices you. Just like the Shiva temple this temple is also open from 6AM to 8PM.It is very neat with helpful staff and a very obliging priest