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Sri Kasi Viswanatha temple at Thirupattur near Trichy- Adhishtanam of Sri Vyagrapada

About 1 Km awayfrom the thirupattur Brahma temple as you travel along the wall of the temple you can see the Kaasi Vishwqanatha temple on a hillock. This temple houses the Jivasamadhi of Sri.Vyagrapada,the saint with feet of a tiger.

How to reach: see my blog on the brahma temple for the route



Sint Vyagrapada was so enamored with this temple on his way backfrom Chidambaram  that  he settled down here not wanting to go even to Kasi!!. One time there was not enough water for puja. Daily Indra used to fly with ganga from kasi to Chidambaram So once Vyagrapada asked indra to give some water for Siva puja . Indra refused and enraged the rishi stamped on the ground and created a depression  in the shape of the “Tiger ‘foot “to create a pond that can be seen to this day.

The temple houses the jivasamadhi of this sage with the dasavathara carved on the Brindavanam.

Suryan and Chandran worship the lord here hence there is no separate Navagraha sannidhi.

As you enter the rajagopuram you will see the brindavnam of Sri Vyagrapada20120519_170620

You can see the brindavanam in front next to the Nandi of the temple this nandi faces the Visalakshi amman sannidhi .When you enter the praharam the lord is on the left facing east.The nandi of the main sannidhi can be seen on the right in the above pic


There is only one praharam and the various Koshta devathas are seen. 20120519_170712

The amman sannidhi has separate Koshta vigrahas like Iccha sakthi,Gnanasakthi, Kriya sakthi, Vidya sakthi , Siva durga and Chandikeshwari20120519_170902 20120519_170812 20120519_170819   

The  far wall of the Temple has various sea creature sculpted along with a dinosour like animal!20120519_171021 20120519_171008

There are five temples in tirupattur: Ayyanar, Brahma,Vishnu,

kasivishwanathar and Kailasanathar.There are evidences from near by rock cut caves that Mahendra pallava, Kulathunga chola and the hoysala kings have patronised these temples

A view  of the Vyagra theertham which looks like a tiger’s foot 20120519_170933 20120519_170926


The priest told me a legend that the Ayyanar cursed all the Brahmins in this village many hundred years  ago that their livelihood will be stopped. slowly all the temples died due to want of maintainence and the priests all migrated. Since the temples have now been redone and the Kumbhabishekam of the ayyanar also arranged they are hoping for better days.

In all a small neatt emple praying at the bridavanam of Vyagrapada will help us in fulfilling our wishes

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  1. Dear sir. Indeed a very important information on this Great Siva Temple after darshan at sri Brahma
    temple. That day being a FULL MOON day we were adviced someone to go this temple.

    We went to worship Lord Kasi Vishwanathar and then to Sri Vishlakshi ambal shrines. Just as we moved around Sri Viagrabathar brindavan we saw the pile of rose garlands and placed on a green
    salvai placed on the Sri Brindavan moved up and down.We took that as Ashirwad of the great siddha and desiple of LORD SIVA. We believe that in that Bridavan Lord viagrabatha is living and bless all who pray to him.We were thrilled and pray all day to him to help us out of lot of family and health issues. Indeed we could get going with good life.Wish to visit more times and get his blessings.