Sunday, May 26, 2013

Uyyakondan Thirumalai Trichy

Earlier this month I visited this temple. This is a padal petra sthalam being sung by Thirunavukkarasar, Sundarar, Manickavasagar and Thirugnanasambandar. It was built by Kulathunga Chola and during the british tmes served as a fortess for the British and Mysore army.
How to Reach:
The temple is on Vayalur road. Take the road next to the Medical college and Chintamani supermarket in Woriyur and in 3 kms once you cross the Uyyakondan river you can see the temple on the right.. The temple is situated on a hillock and is actually a fortress.IMG_0080  
Legends of the temple:
The temple is connected to the legend of Markandeya who was blessed with 16 years of life only. On Narada’s advice He prayed to Shiva and the ambal recommended the case to the lord to give him long life and hence Shiva showed his padam and re assured markandeya that Yama will return  . This is one of the three places connected with the legend, Thirukadayur,is where yama was killed and thirupaingili is the place yama was  resurrected.(click here for my blog on the thirupaingili temple)
As you enter the rajagopuram you see a murugan temple below and a goshala. On the right are the steps to be climbed
There are two flights of stairs to climb     IMG_0084
You arrive at the top of the hill where the dwajasthambam is with Siva’s Padukas in front IMG_0088 IMG_0103
There is a Vinayagar sannidhi with a statue with a human face outside like in the nandrudayan temple ? Ganesha with a human face?(Click to visit the blog on this temple)IMG_0090
The final flight leads to the Main complexIMG_0092
The temple is built on multiple levels. As you enter to the right you find the flight of stairs leading to the main sanctum which houses a shivalingam Shri Ujjeevana nadhar . There are usual Kosta vigrahas around this sanctum. This praharam also has a balatripurasundari amman. The next level of stairs leads us to the Amman sannidhi Anjanakshi ambal. In between there is a passage to the outside that leads to the sannidhi of Shiva Shri. Idarkathan who is supposed to clear all the doubts in our mind and offer clarity in our thought process.  IMG_0098 IMG_0100
A superb temple fortress on a hillock right in the limits of Trichy.

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