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Thiruparkadal Ranganathar temple near Kanchipuram

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Specific legends

Brahma started a yagam without Saraswathy here she was angered and came down as Vegawathy( PALAR) river she was pacified by this perumal  lying down to block her course and blesses both brahma and Saraswathy.

This Perumal is self manifested(swayumbhu) from a single block of Athi tree about 8 –10 feet long it is the oldest Ranganathar any  where as per agasthiyar even in those days speaks about the great antiquity of this lord and the temple., It is supposed to be special for the OM kara shabdas  ,

Chitraguptha developed a head ache due to his auditing hence Brahma gave a   mixture of ghee and oil to be applied  on his head and it cured Chitraguptha. He did a homam with athi twigs here .Hence prayers here will help put in a good word with Chitraguptha. There is a practice of offering oil and ghee available locally here to the lord .

Harishchandra took the vow to speak the truth here in this temple

Shri Rama learnt about the tru reason of his birth and avatar from Vashishta here and bowed down to this lord in acceptance to do his duty.



Hanumar sannidhi in front of the Ranganathar templeDSC04487

Rajagopuram being built





Things to do in this temple


As you enter the temple there is the main sannidhi with a regulated queue system leading to the main hall where we can see the huge Lord in a lying posture on  adiseshan with Brahma from his nabhi .Just as in Vaikuntam. The lord uses a measure( Padi- marakkal in tamil) for his pillow to sleep.

There is a Sannidhi for thayar Ranganayaki behind the main shrine so also a shrine for Andal. Renovation is on and lots of construction debris wee around. There is a small shop selling puja items and the poi and ghee which we are directed to put into a wooden box un opened after we encircle the packets around our heads to ward off unnecessary headaches

A visit here is a small step towars visiting Thiruparkadal and Vaikuntam.!!

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