Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sri Ukthavedeeshwarar temple at Kuttalam near Mayavaram -a padal petra sthalam

I visited this temple late in the evening hence the photos are all not very great

How to reach:

Kuttalam is about 8 kms from Mayavaram on the road to Kumbakonam.The kuttalam bus stand is a chaotic place and can’t be missed. Right opposite this road is the road leading to the temple. In fact Thirumananjeri, Thiruvelvikudi are very near this temple and all are padal petra sthalams

Legends and Stories:

(From the Wikipedia)

The legend has that Goddess Sri Parvathi in the form of a cow worshipped Lord Shiva at Thiruvavaduthurai/Thiru Avaduthurai, Lord was pleased at her devotion and gave dharshan to her. At Kuttalam, Goddess Sri Parvathi was born as a daughter to Sage Bharatha, Sage Bharatha brought up this divine child with lots of love and affection. As years passed, the child was a staunch devotee of Lord from her early age. She worshipped Lord Shiva and underwent severe austerities to attain him as her husband .Lord Shiva was appeared before Goddess Sri Parvathi and agreed to marry her. She put forward a condition that the marriage should take place in the presence of her parents and relatives; Lord  granted her wish and married her as she desired in the presence of her parents and relatives.

He visited his Father in law, Bharata muni’s house at Kuttalam and was accompanied by the divine tree kuttalam from which the place derived its name .He left behind this tree and his padukas here to bless devotees at this temple..

Sri Sundarar the saint had become blind and developed leukoderma as a result of breaking his promises to both his wives. He came here and after a bath in the pond called sundara theertham he regained his sight and lustre and sang 10 songs on the lord here. There is a statue for sundarar near the pond and the padigams sung by him are painted inside the temple.

The Kuttralam tree is revered as having medicinal value in its leaves, flowers and is much revered here.


The Shivan sannidhi is in front facing west and the ambal Parimalasugundha nayaki’s sannidhi is seen on the left in the pic below


The sthala vruksham is seen on the right  of the dwjasthambam


The main shivan is about 5 ft high with avudiyar facing the left side. The koshta vigrahas are usual ganesha dakshinamurthy, lingothbhavar and Durga all are reversed in position due towest facing Lingam. there is also a sanidhi for the young Goddess Parvathi before she married Shiva,There are also   depictions of the marriage on the temple gopuram and vimanamIMG_0042IMG_0040IMG_0041IMG_0048IMG_0046IMG_0047IMG_0049IMG_0052IMG_0045IMG_0053IMG_0043

Sundarar’s compositions on the roofIMG_0054

A holy place for relief from skin and eye disorders and remove obstacles to marriage