Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sri Vilakkoli perumal temple at Kanchipuram-A divya desam

This temple is a Divyadesam no 35 of 108. It is also known as Thoopul (Place where Darba grass forest was present),Thiru Thanka and  Sri Deepa Prakasha temple

How to reach:

This temple is within walking distance of the Azhagiyasingar temple and the Varadaraja perumal temple close to the MG road ok Kanchi (Chinna Kanchi)


Legends and Stories:

once Brahma had a difference of opinion with saraswathy. Various temples quote various reasons as fight between Saraswathy and Lakshmi brahma sided Lakshmi, etc. bottom line there was misunderstanding between the couple . Brahma was upset that he had no temple on earth hence wanted to do ashwamedha yagna to please perumal but as his wife Saraswathy was not prepared to accompany him he was aghast he prayed to lord and went ahead with the yagna with Savithri and his other wives. This angered Saraswathy she sent some asuras to prevent the yagna.The asuras blocked the light so  darkness enveloped the place. Brahma prayed to lord Vishnu who came to his rescue as a flame of fire and lit up the place this dispelling the darkness hence he is known as Deepa Prakasha.

The perumal inside is facing west and standing with Maragadhavalli thayar in a east facing sannidhi


The temple Pond


Sri Vedanta Desikar was born here next to the temple and his son Nayina Varadachariyar  has rebuilt the temple and also a sannidhi for Sri Vedanta Desikar in this temple  where he is seen with Gnana Mudra, A separate sannadhi for Lakshmi Hayagreevar is also found.

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