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Thiruneelakudi Sri Neelakanteshwarar temple-A padal Petra sthalam

I had the good fortune of visiting this temple recently.My paternal grandfather was named after this lord. This temple is praised by Sri Appar in his compositions. When Appar was tied to stones and pushed he prayed to this lord . The place is also associated with kundalini yoga .

How to reach?

This temple is on the main road connecting Kumbakonam to Karaikal. It is 13 kms from Kumbakonam  after you cross the Thirunageshwaram temple this is the next major templeDSC05572DSC05575DSC05520

Legends and stories of the temple:

Sage Markandeya was directed by Narada to pray here to obtain freedom from death though he was saved from Yama at Thirukadaiyur his tapas here pleased the lord to bestow chiranjeevi status here,Pleased the sage carried the lord in a palanquin to surrounding 7 villages during chittirai month which is regularly enacted here

Parvati was re united with Shiva after being killed at Daksha's yagna she re united here . This place is considered to bring together couples after separation and strengthen the Thali bagyam  of devotees.

Parvathi prevented the hala hala poison from descending down the throat of Neela kantar  and nurtured him with medicinal oils.The shivalinga is rough here and oil abhishekam with litres of oil also does not cause any shine and miraculously the oils absorbed by the Shivalinga and not a drop remains on the lord!!

The pandavas are supposed to have prayed here and there are  five lingas here in the temple each is considered a moolavar

During the month of chittirai the suns rays fall on the navagraham in the evening in this temple hence in the navagraha sannidhi all the navagrahas are tuned to face the sun in the centre

Brahma prayed to a moksha lingam here to repent for his dalliance with Urvashi, Kamadhenu did penance here to get relief from  Vashita’s curse.Vishwamitra is also said to have done penance here

The temple is sung about by Appar, Thirugnana sambandar and Neelakanta nayanar

Once you enter the main gate you see the dwaja sthambam and Nandi


This gate leads us into the outer praharam where there are many idols

Mukthi lingam of BrahmaDSC05526

Markandeya idol with the stala purana


The nayanmars Appar, Sambandar, Neelakandanayanar



The temple is under the control of the Thiruvavaduthurai adheenam


The Main sannidhi has the Shivalingam which is greyish and is of a coarse finish

The koshta vigrahas  Ganapathy has Markandeya Lingam for companyDSC05543

Next is Dakshinamurthy




The Jackfruit tree is also special here. The sthala vriksham is the 5 leafed VilvamDSC05550

The ambal sannidhi has two sanctums one for the Tapas Parvati(Bhaktha bheeshta pradhayini) who attained Shiva here and another for Anubhamasthadarii who nursed Shiva back to health

. Both the ambals are about 4 feet tall and enchantingDSC05555DSC05561

The Durga enclosure is seen outsideDSC05570



The navagrahas Facing SuryanDSC05564


Over all an ancient and well maintained temple with a Pond in front

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