Sunday, October 23, 2016

Vizhupuram Kanchi mutt Avatara sthalam of Sri.Chandrashekarendra saraswathi the Paramacharya of Kanchi

Trip to  Vizhupuram sankara Mutt
I had the occasion to travel to Kumbakonam by road from Chennai.  I heard that the birthplace of Paramacharya and the Adhishtanam of Shri Atmabodhendra were in Vizhupuram district and hence visited them
The Kanchi mutt Vizhupuram functions from the premises of the birth place of Mahaperiyava and a Veda patashala is functioning here. The place can be reached easily from the bypass and is identifiable with a tall Puri Jagannath type gopuram . As you enter Vizhupuram  from NH 45 from Chennai look for the Anjeneya swami temple proceed straight on the right you will see a Amman temple take the left in front of this temple you will cross the mosque and another major road from the railway station  and the road will stop in a blind end with the Kanchi mutt on the rightDSCN1765
The locals are very friendly and easily direct us there. There is a wax statue as In Kanchi mutt of the great saint which is very life like . periyava
There is a marble Shivalingam which marks the place of birth of Mahaperiyava .The patashala boys delight in taking you around the campus and do arathy to the  Shivalingam. It was a very refreshing experience.lingam