Sunday, November 27, 2016

Veludayanpattu Murugan temple- Neyveli Township

Among the old temples of Neyveli township this murugan temple is one of the most vibrant. The uniqueness of the temple is that Murugan is seen here with a Bow and arrow Villudayan which has been corrupted over years to Veludayan he is also known as Sri Sivasubramania swami here. The temple is about 800 years old and is managed by the NLC.

Side view of the temple as you approach the temple


The main entrance of the temple


The main entrance leads to the outer praharam housing the Dwajasthambam and




the wedding hall on the right



The main sanctum houses Murugan as a hunter with a bow and arrow and both Valli and Devasena as consorts on either side


The temple is a very popular tonsuring centre for young kids in Neyveli and nearbyIMG_20160925_102728_HDR