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Thiruvahindi puram Devanathaswamy-Hemambhujavalli temple–A divya desam, temple for Lord Hayagriva

One of my long cherished wishes came true when I visited this temple last Wednesday with all my family members.

I had visited the Chettupunyam temple where the utsava vigraham of this temple is housed till today near Chennai  click the link to visit   my blog on that temple


Thiruvahindi puram is near cuddalore in Tamil nadu. It is about 10 kms from cuddalore and is also about 20 kms from panrutti. regular buses and autos ply here in either direction, the temple houses the main  Devanathaswamy Sengamalavalli thayar as well as Oushadagiri where Sri Hayagreevar and Mahalakshmi are enshrined on top of the hill



.It is the only divyadesam with lord Vishnu as Hayagreevar the custodian of the Vedas and is very important for education related problems. It is also the Navagraha parihara ksethram for Rahu and Ketu

It is the only temple in South India for Lord Hayagreevar

Once when all the rishis came to have darshan of Vishnu he was missing from Thiruparkadal, vaikuntam and was traced to this place near Kumbakonam close to the sea and a hillock where he was in resplendent form witnessing the pujas of Sage Bhrugu and his daughter Mahalakshmi hence he married Mahalakshmi and stayed here

Once when Maha Vishnu  was very thirsty he asked Garuda to bring water from a pure pond in Patalam since Garuda was delayed  Adiseshan  dug a well with his tail and quenched Mahavishnu’s thirst. This well is in use till today for preparing prasadam. Devotees offer salt and jaggery here into the well as offerings . Meanwhile Garuda came back with the water and was hurt that he was late the compassionate lord asked garuda to use the water to start a river below the hill and devotees bathe here before coming . The river is called Garuda Nadhi today it is more famous as Gadilam/ Kedilam

The temple has unique sannidhis and vigrahas both garuda and Hanuman have the anjana mudra pose

Lord Narasimha here has Mahalakshmi on his right thigh unlike the other temples

Thirumangai alwar has sung about this temple in 11 hymns

Vedanta Desikar stayed here close to 40years and did penance .He also dug a well with his own hands on the Oushadagiri hill.This hill is part of the sanjeevini hill and houses many rare herbs. Desikar lived to be 102 years and all his works mention this temple both in Sanskrit as well as Tamil He had a great love for Sri Rama in this temple and Sri Hayagreevar was his ishta devatha and he made his own sculpture of this lord and prayed to him

way to the Hayagriva sannidhi


The corridor leading to the Hayagriva sannidhi


The Devanathaswamy sannidhi from the top of the steps


Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar Perumal Picture from the internet

Sri Devanatha Perumal Temple (Thiruvaheendrapuram) Trichy - Divya Desam 63

The entrance to Devanatha swami temple shows the scheme in the sanctum also


inside there are separate sannidhis for Andal.Sri Ranganathan,  Sri Rama, SriLakshmi Narasimha, Anjeneya and Senkamalavalli thayar

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