Monday, May 27, 2013

Tiruvanaikaval Raja rajeshwarar temple in the Kanchi mutt Vedapatasala

There is an ancient Shiva temple in the vedapatasalai at Thiruvanaikaval with three sets of Shiva and parvathy. I was able to visit this temple recently

How to Reach:

In Tiruvanaikaval next to the Jumbukeshwarar   Akhilandeshwari koil in the Mada street is the Kanchi mutt run Vedapatashala. There is a very ancient Shiva temple here with many  features. The original Lord is Raja Rajeshwarar with consort RajaRajeshwari in the main sannidhi. There are Separate sannidhis for a rare huge  Panchamukheshwarar which was discovered by Mahaperiyava and installed here with his consort Tripurasundari. The Sivalingam has faces carved on all sides

There is also a rare Chaturshashti kaleshwarar with Chaturshashtikaleshwari . I could not take many photos . The Sivalingam here has 64 facets on it and is mounted on a square avudayar

The ambience and experience were excellent!! IMG_0107  IMG_0109Maha vilvam tree in the templeIMG_0108 IMG_0110


Murugan sannithiIMG_0111


Back side of main temple  IMG_0112


Ambal Rajarajeshwari sannidhi from outside


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