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Shri Nithyakalyana Perumal Thiruvidanthai A divya desam

This temple is closer to Chennai on the east coast road.It is very famous for marriage The lord here marries 360 daughters of a rishi so he is called nithyas kalyana perumal. Unwed men and women will have their weddings completed soon if they pray here.
How to reach
On the ECR from Chennai to Mahabalipuram after 40 kms from chennai and 1 km before the snake park you will see the temple arch the temple is just a furlong away
Kaalava rishi had 360 daughters who he wanted to marry off to the lord. He did so after penance and the lord gracefully accepted the brides one on each day! so he is called Nithya kalyana perumal.
Bali chakravarthy was asked by the asuras to wage a war without reason he refused. He was pressurised to lead the asura army which won over the devas. To repent for waging an unwanted war he did penance here.
As you enter the main gate you see a long praharam with a  mandapam on the rightIMG_0135
as you enter the second courtyard you se the moolavar in his sannidhiIMG_0136
The lord here is about 7 feet tall and is in the varaha avatara with the consort on his left thigh. He is standing with the right leg balanced on Adisesha and the left leg lifted and supporting mahalakshmi ( Pic from Wikipedia)

There is a seperate Mahalakshmi sannidhi and Andal sannidhi. The hall on the right also has a seperate Ranganathar sannidhi IMG_0137
(Pallikonda Ranganathar Sannidhi above) There will be copious puliyodharai here as prasadam of Kalyana utsavam
Mangalashasanam (from Wikipedia)
Thirumangai Alvar has sung is praise of Lord Nithyakalyana Perumal.


Thulambadu Muruval Thozhi Yarkku Arulaal
Thunai Mulai Saanndhu Kondaniyaal
Kulambadu Kuvalaik Kanninai Yezhudhaal
Kolan Naan Malar Kuzhar Kaniyaal
Maal Ennum Maal Ina Mozhiyaal
Ilam Badiyi Vulak Kenni Naindhirunndhaay
Idavenndhai Yenndhai Piraane!

Sthalasayana Perumal Temple Mahabalipuram a divya desam

Mahabalipuram is well known for its ancient temples most of which are not in regular use. This is the Birth place of the great Bhoothath alwar who was the mace of Lord Vishnu and this temple is one of the few places where the perumal is in lying posture on the ground and not on Adisesha.

How to reach:

In mahabalipuram ask for the bus stand and the temple is right behind it. It is in front of the arjuna’s penance rock sculpture.The entry into the temple is though a half built Motta gopuramIMG_0133 IMG_0131 


The lord gave darshanam here at the behest of Pundarika Rishi who wanted to see him. This temple was built by Mahendra pallava inside the town unlike the other temples on the beach to prevent it from being submerged by the sea. There was another perumal temple here as also a Shiva temple which are now submerged under the sea.The king built this temple without adisesha so that the lord will lie down on Ground which will prevent the sea from washing him away!

As you enter there is a single praharam with the gurbagruham housing a large pallikonda perumal sleeping on a stone bed. The face has become so smooth over the years the eyes and lips are almost worn out. The

The outer praharam has a shrine for Lord Lakshmi narasimha who is facing the south to prevent the enemies of the pallava king from entering the capital. There is a separate shrine for Bhoothath alwar who is standing in the yoga nindra pose with hands showing the dhyana mudhra. There is a separate shrine for Mahalakshmi and Andal behind.

A nice temple and a divyadesam so close to Chennai!!

Shri Vedagirishwarar temple Thirukazhukundram

This is the most famous of the temples here in this town and is very scenic. It is well seen from all the temples around . It is at a height of 500 mtrs and you need to climb 550 steps . It is a very thrilling experience due to the monkeys and the vendors. Please carry water as it is sold for Rs.32 a bottle on the hillock. All pooja articles are better bought down and do not carry anything in plastic covers as the monkeys will pluck it out of your hands.IMG_0087

How to reach:

In front of the Thazha kovil take the road in the market and take the first left turn. There is parking allowed on the road in front of the steps. There is a new temple being built here. You need to buy tickets to climb up, fo your camera and also pooja articles. IMG_0089


Sage Bharadwaja prayed to Shiva for long life to master the vedas, Lord shiva appeared to him and said that even if he lives to eternity what he learns will be only a hand ful as compared to the four vedas he created as hillocks here to state that they will stand eternal. He also said that Bhakthi will be the way to salvation in Kali yuga and not mastery of the vedas. The four hillocks represent the four vedas and the Shiva shrine is situated on the Atharvana veda .

The climb is made cool due to the shelterd pathway   IMG_0092





IMG_0098   By the time you climb here you will be tired so take rest and then climb to the top.

The temple is quite small with an elevated Garbhagriha with a resplendent Shivalingam on a square avudaiyar. The Koshta vigrahas are all placed on the side walls and are at a lower level than the floor  after renovation hence you have to down to see but can not enter. There is no Ambal sannidhi here or Nandi.. When I went in the abhishekam was going on and in the cool breeze it was a nice sight.

IMG_0107 IMG_0105

The exit hate is behind and you will need to climb down via a climb different route which takes you past the spot where the Eagles used to comeIMG_0108

There is also an ancient rock cut temple for shiva under the ASI built by the pallavas .IMG_0116 IMG_0114 IMG_0115

IMG_0125 IMG_0126 IMG_0123 IMG_0124

Note that the temple opens only after 8 and darshan commences after 10 AM till noon and reopens at 4 PM.

Shri Rudrakoteeshwarar temple Thirukazhukundram

This is an ancient Shiva temple at the foot of the hill near the sangu theertham.

This temple is the oldest of the three temples in thirukazhukundram

How to reach:

In front of the Thazha kovil is the road that ends in the Sangu theertham seen below with the theerthapaleshwarar temple on the left and the Vedagiriswarar temple on top of the hill IMG_0059

This temple is to the south west of the pond a couple of roads away. The locals know it as easwaran koil or rudran koil.



To quell the koti asuras who emanated from Kashyapa rishi Shiva let loose a koti rudrakshas from his chest who killed the asuras. To atone for the sin of killing them the rudras prayed here and were pardoned.

The temple entrance has Nandi with his consort on the wallIMG_0062

The temple has a east facing entrance with a balipeetam vinayaka and murugan sannidhis in frontIMG_0063

THe sthalavruksham is the sara kondrai




The inner praharam has a East facing shiva and south facing Ambal Rudra Koteeswari ambal .

   . The Koshta vigrahas and four savants are represented in statue form  IMG_0066IMG_0067 IMG_0068 IMG_0069 IMG_0070 IMG_0071 IMG_0072     IMG_0077  IMG_0079

It is believed that each prayer is multiplied one crore times here hence it is a very sacred place  for lazy people like me to pray!!

Bhaktavatsaleshwarar temple or Thazha kovil at Thirukazhukundram

This is the temple right in the middle of the market. It is about 12 acres with 4 gopurams. 7,8,9, 6 tiered gopurams resembling annamalaiar temple in tiruvannamalai.This is mainly ambal shrine for Ambal Tripurasundari.IMG_0102


There are three praharams  The outer praharam has a pond called Nandi theertha kulam There is a nice  Ashta bhuja durga, next to the kulam . There are two mandabams with many sculptures  one is the Amai mandabam where the entire structure id supported by a tortoise shaped base in stone.seen belowIMG_0014

This praharam also has a Vinayakar sannidhi

The next sannidhi has the Murugan, somaskandhar sannidhi, atmanathar sannidhi with manika vasakar,and Ambal sannidhi.

The ambal is in standing posture and abhishekam is done for he feet only.

The priest will show you the sanghus collected form the theertham if you buy a ticket for Rs.2/

The Main sannidhi was closed for renovation . so we did not see the Moolavar .

There was a Gajaprushti projection on the side of the main sannidhi which was explained as the old moola sthanam which has now been changed

The Main sannidhi IMG_0016

The vinayakar, somaskandar sannidhis with atmanathar sannidhi with manika vasakar sannidhi



Sthala vruksham neem tree



The Atmanadhar sannidhi where Manickavasagar was blessed


Ambal sannidhi





The old main sannidhi with the gajaprushti type praharam now forms the side




The various conches collected from the sangu theertham


The various sculptures in the Aamai mandabam  they look so great

IMG_0051   IMG_0043 IMG_0044 IMG_0045 IMG_0047 .