Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Thiru Kolanjiappar temple Vriddhachalam -a rare swayumbhu Murugan Temple

This weekend a group of friends from the hospital took a break and visited Thirunallar, Swamimalai, Srimushnam and Vriddhachalam on prompting from one group member we visited this temple .
There is a unique way of passing on our prayers for suitable  consideration  to the lord Muruga here .we are to make a request in writing called "Piradhu" in Tamil and cost of the pradhu seva  is proportional to the distance of the temple from your residence  by km. For example Chennai vaasis paid Rs.250. In 90 days when it is fulfilled you revisit and thank him suitably.
How to reach 
The temple is 5 km towards Ulundurpet from the main Vridhagirishwarar temple on the highway across the river on mettupalayam Cuddalore road
Inside the door frame the carvings depict how the temple was discovered.  A cow was nurturing the idol with milk daily and on digging below the ant hill where milk was being poured the swayumbhu moorthy was discovered .It is believed that it was the divine mother Parvati  nurturing her children 
Legends and stories:
The nayanmar Sundarar took leave of Virudhagirinathar without singing any songs praising him and was proceeding on his way but Shiva and Parvati wanted to bring back Sundarar so he sent Lord Muruga to bring him back.
Murugan went dressed as a hunter, waylaid Sundarar and robbed him and when Sundarar demanded his possessions back. Murugan asked him to come to vridhachalam . Sundarar  understood the mischief of Shiva and returned to Vridhachalam
The Murugan here is formless and a swambhumoorthy .
The main sanctum has 2 sannidhis one for Siddhi Ganapathy and one for Murugan. There are 2 vimanas .
Siddhivinayaka(pic from Google)
Kolanjiappar swayambhu Murugan(pic from Google) 
The devotees first fills in his piradhu kattudhal sheet and brings it to the priest who places it on the lord's feet and this is then tied to the hundreds of spears in the front courtyard
(pic from Google)

The temple also dispenses neem oil of medicinal value to be applied to wounds and aches with utmost reverence 
The front has a separate shrine for Muniappan and behind are shrines for Idumban and Kadamban
The Veeranar shrine in front