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Odhavaneshwarar temple at Thiruchotruthurai a sapthastanam-a Padal petra sthalam

Sri Odhavaneshwarar temple at Thiruchotruthurai is also a part of the seven temples around Thiruvaiyaru associated with Nandi’s marriage. It was from here Rice was supplied to the wedding.

How to reach:

The temple is very close to thirukandiyur about 5 kms towards Kumbakonam to the south of Kaveri on the road adjoining the Kandiyur templeGoogle मानचित्र

Legends of the temple:

Shiva was worshipped by Gautama, Indra & Surya in this temple  Shiva is said to have blessed a devotee with an inexhaustible supply of food, while Ambal provided a number of devotees with cooked  food, It is said that polished rice grew in paddy fields. (Annam Padaitta Vayal).Shiva is referred to as Sorudaiyan, and this shrine is also Annavatarastalam.Chotruthurai=food area



As you enter the Rajagopuram you see the main temple for Shiva in front and the ambal sannidhi on the left



The main praharam has a  Long corridor at the end of which is the garba gruhaDSC05142

There are two idols of a pious couple here who were very generous and who were blessed by Shiva here.Due to their bhakti the local stream was supposedly overflowing with polished riceDSC05138

The inner praharam has various sculptures is very vastDSC05119DSC05120DSC05127



The ambal annapoorani  Sannidhi is a seperate complex with the goddess Standing and facing eastDSC05145DSC05146

Aapath sahayeshwarar Temple Tirupazhanam near Thiruvaiyaru A Sapthastanam temple-Padal Petra Sthalam

How to reach:

This temple is situated to the North east of Thiruvaiyaru on the Kumbakonam road about 3.5 kms from Thiruvaiyaru. From the Aiyarappan temple cross the Thyagaraja aradhana grounds and the music college and you will see the temple on the left

Map picture




The temple has been sung by Appar,Sambanthar,Sundarar. Appar saw many watering stands built in his name here by a Saint called Appodi adigal who was living nearby in Thingalur( Chandran Navagraha Kshetram). Appar bought back to life the son of appodi adigal who was bitten by a snake here.

The Banana fruit is supposed to have originated here

Nandi,s wedding received fruits as presents from Shiva from here Hence Thiru=Lord Pazhanam = fruits in Tamil

A five tiered Rajagopuram is on the eastern Gate, the entrance to this temple seen above.There are two praharams. The Main Rajagopuram leads us to the outer praharam there are shrines to Venugopala and MahalakshmiDSC05154DSC05157


The outer praharam has 7 Sapthasthana lingams of Tiruvaiyaru DSC05128DSC05129DSC05130DSC05131

In the inner Praharam there are the koshta vigrahas and shrines for Gajalakshmi Venugopala The vimanam is made entirely of granite.; there is also an image of Varaha-Vishnu in this temple. Inscriptions from the period of Parantaka I are seen in this temple.DSC05170DSC05161DSC05162DSC05164

The main Sanctum has a Shivalingam resplendent in all its glory.

The Ambal Periya nayaki Sannidhi is a seperate enclosure outside in the first praharam with its own Nandi


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