Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Thiru Kolanjiappar temple Vriddhachalam -a rare swayumbhu murugan Temple

This weekend a group of friends from the hospital took a break and visited Thirunallar, Swamimalai, Srimushnam and Vriddhachalam on prompting from one group member we visited this temple .
There is a unique way of passing on our prayers for suitable  consideration  to the lord Muruga here .we are to make a request in writing called "Piradhu" in Tamil and cost of the pradhu seva  is proportional to the distance of the temple from your residence  by km. For ex Chennai vaasis paid 250 Rs.In 90 days when it is fulfilled you revisit and thank him suitably.
How to reach 
The temple is 5 km towards ulundurpet from the main Vridhagirishwarar temple on the highway across the river on mettypalayam Cuddalore road
Inside the door frame the carvings depict how the temple was found  a cow was nurturing the idol with milk daily and on digging below the ant hill the swayumbhu morth was discovered .It is believed that it was the divine mother parvati was nurturing her children 
Legends and stories:
The nayanmar Sundarar took leave of Virudhagirinathar without singing any songs praising him and was proceeding on his way but Shiva and Parvati wanted to bring back Sundarar so he sent Lord muruga to bring him back.
Murugan went dressed as a hunter, waylaid Sundarar and robbed him and when sundarar demanded his possessions asked him to come to vridhachalam Sundarar  understood the mischief of Shiva and returned to vridhachalam
The Murugan here is formless and a swambhumoorthy .
The main sanctum has 2 sannidhis one for Siddhi Ganapathy and one for murugan. There are 2 vimanas .
Siddhivinayaka(pic from Google)
Kolanjiappar swayambhu murugan(pic from Google) 
The devotees first fills in his piradhu kattudhal sheet and brings it to the priest who places it on the lord's feet and this is then tied to the hundreds of spears in the front courtyard
(pic from Google)

The temple also dispenses neem oil of medicinal value to be applied to wounds and aches with utmost reverence 
The front has a separate shrine for Muniappan and behind are shrines for Idumban and Kadamban
The Veeranar shrine in front 

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Shri Maikanteshwara Manikyavalli temple Dadapuram near Tindivanam

This is a small temple built in 1025 AD by Kundavai the sister of Raja Raja chola . The village houses a Karivaradaraja vishnu temple, Vinayaka temple and also a Jain temple built by her.
How to reach: The temple is 2.5 kms before Tindivanam on the  road from cheyyar to Tindivanam parallel to NH 45
Temple legend 

As you enter the arch

view as you enter

Nandi  in front

main door of he temple

kostha vigrahas on the north


vinayaka in his north west sannidhi

Vishnu behind the sanctum

Brahma on the south west side

stand alone lingam behind

Vishnu Durga

Ambal Manikyavalli (@ Kamakshi) sannidhi on the north west side of the temple

Bhairavar standing alone 


Priest Kumaraswamy at the main door the legends are inscribed on either side

Better view of the Nandi

It is a poorly patronised temple but ancient . It is famous as a rahu ketu parihara sthalam . The priest Sri Kumaraswamy does not even own a cellphone  but was very enthusiastic to show me around 

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Vadavambalam Adhishtanam of Shri VISWATHIKENDRA Atmabodhendra Saraswati the 58 th Acharya of the Kanchi mutt

Among the many wonders brought to light by the Paramacharya of Kanchi many years ago this Adhishtanam of his parama guru was brought to light by this Mahan in a very desolate area .Thankfully with the blessings of the present acharyas the place is being re built and is a very popular pilgrimage spot for the followers of the Kanchi muttVadavambalam Adhishtanam Vizhupuram district
From the  NH 45  from Chennai side  you can take  the road to panrutti/Neyveli/Kumbakonam/Tanjore    at the 15 th Km you will come across the four road junction it is known as the Koliyanur Koot road. You can reach this junction from Vizhupuram also by taking the left road at the old hospital inside Vizhupuram  or from Pondy from the Thavalakuppam to Vizhupuram road  . Proceed towards Panrutti and after 4 kms once you cross the bridge you can see the road to Vadavambalam on the left this is after the road to Poovarasankuppam, there are a lot of signboards put up now(This was taken when I visited again today on 14/8/16).
You can reach it from Panrutti also.DSC06049 it is a small village road likely to be missed if you are not careful. Turn left there and in less than a  kilometer you will see the Kanchi mutt Adhishtanam.( These are the pics of the old structure It has been re built on 20/10/16)
DSC_4269_thumb[2] DSC_4270_thumb
This is the Adhishtanam of Shri Atma Bodendra the 58 th Acharya (who was  the guru of Shri Bodhendra of Govindapuram).    

58.Sri Atma Bodhendra Saraswati : He was a native of Vriddhachalam, and son of one Viswamakhi. His pre-sanyasa name was Visvesvara. He toured extensively and stayed at Benares for a long time. He wrote a Bhasya on the Sri Rudram. It was Atma Bodha that directed Sadasiva Brahmendra to write the Gururatna Malika. He attained mukti on the banks of the river South Pinakini, known in Tamil as Then Pennai on Krishna Ashtami in the month of Tula of the cyclic year Eswara (1638 AD).His pontificate was for 52 years
(above courtesy the Kanchimutt website
The Adhishtanam is looked after by Shri Rajashekara Sharma  a young graduate of the mutts patashalai and can be contacted on phone :04146-236410 cell:09442068232
( you can see him doing pooja in the photo above)

(The Aradhanai of this periva falls on 30/10/10 to be held at the Adhishtanam premises itself)
I visited the place on 31-10-10 and saw that there was a gala celebration on the previous day


I have since my last visit been to this adhishtanams many times over the last 5 years and been blessed. Here is a video of the nithya puja on 9/8/15.The young priest at work can be seen here

Today  14/08/2016 my wife and I visited this Adhishtanam and were blessed .DSC06050
Today 25/09/16 I had the opportunity to visit again. There is re construction of the place in full swing. Full kudos to the people who are carrying out this great task
Today I received the following message
ARADHANAI ON 22.10.2016
I received the following pictures from the organisers on 22/10/16 when the kumbabishekam and aradhanai were performed. If you watch the homam closely you can see Mahaperiyava himself is blessing the event,Please do visit and get his blessings
I had darshan on 20/11/2016  here are a few pics of the adhishtanam



from the Kanchi calender 2018

58. Sri Atma Bhodhendra Saraswati
1586 - 1638 A.D.
आचाय - 58 - िवािधकाबोधेः
वृाचल ··· आसीत ्॥ ११५ ॥
िवािध ··· िकममेयम ्॥ ११६ ॥
ापाशत ··· चूडामिणम ्॥ ११७ ॥
अयं च ··· वेिदतम ्॥
Viśveśvara was the son of Viśvamakhindra;
resorting to the fact of Paraśivārya, known as
Navaśaṅkara from the first preceptor toured all
places successfully, from Setu (Rāmeśvaram) to
Sătāgiri (Himalayas).
Since he possessed intellect more than anyone in
the Universe, men of wisdom call him Viśvādhika
and Navaśaṅkara. His erudition in composing
works such as Rudra bhāṣya is beyond words -
The preceptor Viśvādhikendra carrying out
the responsibilities of preceptor for fifty-two
years, (later) handing over the responsibilities
to Bodhendrārya, and proceeding in southern
direction reached eternal abode, meditating on
Lord Śiva with the crescent moon in the crown, on
the banks of river Garuḍa
on the eighth day of the black fortnight in the
month of Tulā of the year Ăśvara.
This preceptor Śră Navaśaṅkara residing on the
banks of river Tridaśa was revered by eminent
men, departed in the southern direction and
attained siddhi on the banks of river Garuḍa after
handing over the responsibilities to the disciple Śră
Bhagavannāma Bodhendra.

last Wednesday 23/05/2018 I was traveling in the area and came to  vadavambalam by about 1 pm  after visiting Thiruvahindipuram. I expected the door to be closed and mentally was prepared to do a pradakshinam and hand over some money to the old man sitting outside. I was traveling with full family including my inlays. It was nothing short of a miracle that as we parked our car Sri. Rajashekara Sharma the priest parked his bike and welcomed us. It seems he was going out of town and wanted to do an early pooja before leaving and it was our divine fortune that the vadavambalam Periyava graced us with his great mercy and gave us darshanam and we were all thrilled.

Update on 22/08/19
Enroute to Kumbakonam I travelled on this road and since the road is being coverted into a 4 lane highway familiar landmarks including the sign boards are lost. The road to Vadavambalam is the road after the culvert after the 4 road junction from vizhupuram It is after the road to Poovarasan kuppam temple when you are travelling from Vizhupuram side. It is before the bridge on the Gadilam river So ask for vadavambalam around the river bridge 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Shri Abirami Airavatheshwarar Temple -Mel Maruthuvakudi near Kumbakonam

The only other abhirami temple after Thirukadaiyur is found here and so also Airavatheshewara after Darasuram.
Mel Maruthuvakudi is a sleepy hamlet nesting between Thiruneelakudi and aduthurai (5 kms south of aduthurai and 10 kms north of Thiruneelakudi)
How to Reach:
The temple is easily reached from Aduthurai . Auduthurai is a small village between Mayavaram and Kumbakonam Take the road next to Aduthurai bus stand  towards south, Thiruneekakudi and in 5 kms you can see the temple .

similarly on the Kumbakonam Karaikal road from Kumbakonam take a left after Thiruneelakudi and in 10 kms you will reach
Mel Maruthuvakudi and this temple is a prominent place here.
Temple entrance 
Legends and Stories:
Once Indra and his mount Airavatha incurred the wrath of Durvasa for discarding the garland presented by Durvasa. Indra lost his kingdom and Airavatha became black.They were directed by Brahma to pray here and atone for their conduct and they both regained their lost splendour

The Lord is made of white sand and is a swayambhumurthy.
The Vinayaka here has a trunk in the shape of a scorpion and is called Vrishchika Vinayaka and is said to be beneficial for people of Vrishchika rasi to offer prayers here

View inside the ambal sannidhi is on the right

Sthala vriksham

Navagrahas with spouses

Info about Rashis