Saturday, November 2, 2019

Shri Abirami Airavatheshwarar Temple -Mel Maruthuvakudi near Kumbakonam

The only other abhirami temple after Thirukadaiyur is found here and so also Airavatheshewara after Darasuram.
Mel Maruthuvakudi is a sleepy hamlet nesting between Thiruneelakudi and aduthurai (5 kms south of aduthurai and 10 kms north of Thiruneelakudi)
How to Reach:
The temple is easily reached from Aduthurai . Auduthurai is a small village between Mayavaram and Kumbakonam Take the road next to Aduthurai bus stand  towards south, Thiruneekakudi and in 5 kms you can see the temple .

similarly on the Kumbakonam Karaikal road from Kumbakonam take a left after Thiruneelakudi and in 10 kms you will reach Mel Maruthuvakudi and this temple is a prominent place here.

Temple entrance 
Legends and Stories:
Once Indra and his mount Airavatha incurred the wrath of  sage Durvasa for discarding the garland presented by Durvasa. Indra lost his kingdom and Airavatha the white elephant  became black. They were directed by Brahma to pray here and atone for their conduct and they both regained their lost splendor

The Lord is made of white sand and is a swayambhu murthy.
The Vinayaka here has a trunk in the shape of a scorpion and is called Vrishchika Vinayaka and is said to be beneficial for people of Vrishchika rasi to offer prayers here

View inside the ambal sannidhi is on the right

Sthala vriksham

Navagrahas with spouses

Info about Rashis