Monday, June 23, 2014

Adhishtanam of the 11 th Kanchi acharya Shri Sivanandendra Chidghanendra Saraswati at Vriddhachalam

Adhishtanam of  the 11 th Kanchi acharya Shri Shivanandendra Chidghanendra Saraswathi has recently been discovered in the premises of the  Vriddhagireeshwarar temple at Vriddhachalam (click here to see my blog on this temple) as per details in the Kanchi mutt calendar 2014. The Annamalaiyar lingam in the northwest corner next to the Kamakshi sannidhi  situated in the Second praharam of the Shiva temple complex is where this acharya attained Jeeva samadhi.This lingam alone has a gopuram among a host of other lingams here like kasi Vishweshwarar and Chandramoulishwarar. The Sanctum has enough space for pradakshinam on the outside and is certainly an important structure. The local priests were not aware of the adhishtanam when I enquired with them . The mutt calender says this acharyas Jayanthi will be celebrated grandly in Feb 2015.

  (Below are details from the Kamakoti peetam website acharya parampara)

Sri Sivanandendra Chidghanendra Saraswati : He was a Karnataka Brahmin and the son of one Ujjvala Bhatta. His poorvasrama name was Iswara Vatu. His predilections were towards Sivaadvaita. He attained mukti at Vrjddhachala on Sukla Dasami in the month of Jyestha of the cyclic year Virodhikrit (172 AD).

The pic below is a carving from one of the pillars which I believe depicts the acharya .

A new pic of the adhishtanam which I re visited last Sunday
from the kanchi calender 2018

11. Sri Sivananda Chidghanendra Saraswati
127 - 172 A.D.

आचाय - 11 - िशवानिचनेसरती
ां···ीिचनिनम ्॥२२॥
The boy Ăąvara, son of Ujjvala bhaṭṭa of Karnataka,
known as Cidghana, who approached Sureśvara and
acquired the knowledge of bhāṣyas etc., having got
his (Sureśvara’s) responsibility and remaining in the
Păṭha there, this Cidghana spent forty-five years as
if Ąiva Himself had come there to grant liberation to
those who seek liberation.
Revered by the wise, Cighana having placed
Vātsyāyāna, the initiated who was hailed as
Hari arrived from Milky Ocean, and imparting
the precepts he had attained his form, the pure
consciousness on the tenth day of the bright
fortnight in the month of Jyeṣṭha in the year
Virodhikṛt of the Kali era.