Friday, June 12, 2015

Sri Sathyanatheshwara temple-Kanchi( Kachineri Kaaraikadu Kaarai Tirunatheswarar)–a Padal petra sthalam

This was a real tough one to find out. The local name of the temple is  Sathyanadheshwara temple but the old name is Kaarikadu thirunatheeshwara. It has been sung about by Gnanasambandar and it is a Navagraha sthalam for Mercury(Budhan)

How to Reach:

The temple is situated in Vishnu Kanchi and to reach this temple first ask for the Kanchipuram GPO this is in the north east part of Chinna kanchipuram .Opposite to this is the Tirukallimedu road follow this road which parallels a huge drain /sewer and after 2 kms  take a left turn and you will come in front of the temple

सत्यानाठेस्वरार मंदिर   Google मानचित्र



Legends and Stories:

Budhan (Mercury) prayed here for alleviation of his sins. His athi devathai is Vishnu hence there is a Vishnu and Budhan sannidhi here

When Sambandar came here it was a forest of thorn trees .

The Shiva Lingam is Red in Dakshinayanam and in Uttarayanam it is white  in colour

The Goddess is Bhramarambika. The temple and the Sivalingam are both west facing hence the Kosta vigrahas are all reversed

The Sannidhi for Perumal also has Lakshmi inside

The Koshta vigrahas are seen belowIMG_20150607_111328_HDRIMG_20150607_111341_HDRIMG_20150607_111349_HDRIMG_20150607_111355_HDR

Indra and Budhan worshiping Shiva




Perumal sannidhi



Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thiru Metralinathar Shiva temple-Kanchipuram–A padal petra sthalam

This is a recently re built temple where there are two Shivan sannidhis . The Odhu urugeeshwarar who melted at the songs sung by Sri Gnanasmbandar and inside the main shrine is Muktheeshwarar who is actually Vishnu who yearned and obtained a form as a Lingam.This is one other example as to prove that both these  Gods  are one and the same.

How to reach:

The area in Periyakanchipuram or Sivakanchi where the temple is situated is called Pilliyar palyam. Sambandar also has a temple nearby . He is known as Aaludia pillai and thus the area is known as Pilliyar palyam.

From Ekambranathar Temple a direct road called Krishna street takes you to Pilliyar palyam and the temple is in Metrali streetGoogle मानचित्रIMG_20150607_100030_HDR

Legends and Stories:

Lord Shiva heard the songs of saint Gnanasambandar and melted here he moves aside for Vishnu in the inner sanctum who yearns for the form of a linga to have a better look at Sambamdar. Strangely though the songs of sambandar on his lord are not yet found but there are many songs of Sundarar and Thirunavukkarasar .

As you enter the gopuram you see the west facing Shiva called Odhu urugeeshwarar one who melted for the songs of the devotee on the right side belowIMG_20150607_100110_HDR

The left side has a sannidhi for Parashakthi and the nayanmars. The legend of Vishnu attaining Siva rupam is also shown above the parashakthi sannidhiIMG_20150607_100231_HDRIMG_20150607_100241_HDR











The inner temple has a East facing Shiva with Vishnu padam in frontIMG_20150607_100644_HDR

The Koshta vigrahas


A temple where the ancient has been rebuilt

Kachi Anegathangavatham Siva Temple, Kanchipuram- A padal petra sthalam

This is a small temple with a history of Ganapathy marrying Vallabha here.


How to Reach:

This is a small temple in Kanchipuram close to the Kailasanathar Temple in an area called Pillaiyar palayam. On the road from Kacchapeshwara temple to Kailasanatha temple called SVN Pillai street  look for the SSKV school for boys on the left the temple is right next and behind the school.


Legends and Stories:

Lord Kubera was being troubled by Sukracharya he prayed to Shiva here who swallowed the pride of Sukracharya and helped kubera

Maharshi Mareechi, adopted a female child he found in the lotus pond . He named her Vallabha. . She was abducted by a  demon called Kesi. She prayed to Lord Shiva to rescue her. Lord Shiva  and Ambica sent Vinayaka for the mission Lord  Shiva said that Vinayaka would be victorious in  the war against the demon. if he worships in this temple. Lord Vinayaka followed the advice and installed the Linga here . The Demon Keshi was destroyed and Vallabha rescued. Lord Shiva and Mother Ambica performed the wedding of Vinayaka with Vallabha here.Though in this temple Vinayaka is seen as a Solitary devatha in his Shrine.

Sri Sundarar the Nayanmar has composed a song on this lord in this temple.

As you enter the small gate  you can see the compact temple which houses a huge Siva lingam


The Ganapathy sannidhi is seen in the far end


The Koshta Vigrahas are all Small and niceIMG_20150607_094250_HDRIMG_20150607_094302_HDR

The Ganapathy inside the shrineIMG_20150607_094317_HDRIMG_20150607_094338_HDRIMG_20150607_094409_HDR

I found a lot of elderly teens studying in this temple mostly males. The priest has to come from Ekambranathaswamy temple and he comes by 10:30 AM it seems

In Short a small and neat Temple with an ancient past

Sri Vilakkoli perumal temple at Kanchipuram-A divya desam

This temple is a Divyadesam no 35 of 108. It is also known as Thoopul (Place where Darba grass forest was present),Thiru Thanka and  Sri Deepa Prakasha temple

How to reach:

This temple is within walking distance of the Azhagiyasingar temple and the Varadaraja perumal temple close to the MG road ok Kanchi (Chinna Kanchi)


Legends and Stories:

once Brahma had a difference of opinion with saraswathy. Various temples quote various reasons as fight between Saraswathy and Lakshmi brahma sided Lakshmi, etc. bottom line there was misunderstanding between the couple . Brahma was upset that he had no temple on earth hence wanted to do ashwamedha yagna to please perumal but as his wife Saraswathy was not prepared to accompany him he was aghast he prayed to lord and went ahead with the yagna with Savithri and his other wives. This angered Saraswathy she sent some asuras to prevent the yagna.The asuras blocked the light so  darkness enveloped the place. Brahma prayed to lord Vishnu who came to his rescue as a flame of fire and lit up the place this dispelling the darkness hence he is known as Deepa Prakasha.

The perumal inside is facing west and standing with Maragadhavalli thayar in a east facing sannidhi


The temple Pond


Sri Vedanta Desikar was born here next to the temple and his son Nayina Varadachariar  has rebuilt the temple and also a sannidhi for Sri Vedanta Desika in this temple  where he is seen with Gnana Mudra, A separate sannadhi for Desikars Ishta devata  Lakshmi Hayagreevar is also found.

Sri Azhagiya Singa perumal koil-Kanchipuram-A divya desam

This temple is Divya Desam 36 of 108.It is also called as Thiruvelukka (Thiru-lord Vel_- residence irukkai- stay)

How to Reach:

The temple is almost behind the ashta bhuja perumal koil and in close proximity to Vilakoili perumal temple.It is also close to the Varadarajaperumal temple in Chinna KanchiIMG_0060

Legends and Stories:

When Narasimha avatar was over the Lord did not rest till asuras were pushed out.He came here chasing a few asuras who disappeared seeing the serenity of the place Lord Vishnu decided to stay back here in case the asuras came back to protect the local people


The lord is in the main sannidhi facing east in a standing posture.The thayar is Amruthavali thayar


Sri Vedanta desika wrote the pasuram  Sri Kamasikashtakam on this deity