Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sri Tripurasundari sametha Panchanadheshwarar koil-A padal petra sthalam at Thiruandar koil near Pondicherry

Thiruvandar Koil is a sleepy hamlet between Pondy and Villupuram. This a an ancient temple of about 800 AD under the control of the ASI which has many exquisite sculptures, I found some rare ones too.


The temple is on the state highway 332 about 17 kms from Pondy and 20 kms from Villupuram . there is a small board indicating this small but peaceful temple.


A few dilapidated  structures at the entrance



There was an asura called Vandasuran who was vanquished by Shiva as Bhairava form and the place came to be called as Thiruvandar koil.

It is also the place that brahma’s fifth head was removed by Shiva Shiva became Bhikshandar here and brahma prayed here to absolve himself of the sins of lying.

The temple has been sung about by Sri Gnanasambandar and Arunagirinathar


There is no Dwajasthambam only bali peetamm


The main temple is a simple structure with a slightly inclined Shivalingam facing east.

The Ambal Tripurasundari is in her own sannidhi facing south

The outer praharam has unique Koshta vigrahas




The Dakshinamurthy here is famous  and helps clear marriage obstacles




A rare panel of Shiva Parvathi and murugan as hunters carrying Bow and arrows




Vishnu Durga


A rare Pradosha murthy Shiva and Parvathy as a couple


other sannidhis

Ganapathy sannidhiDSC06219

Murugan Sannidhi


Bhairava on the left, Navagraha in the far left behind and Shanishwarar in front of murugan


This place is famous for the Bhairava and special prayers to him to help vanquish difficult times are performed here

A small neatly maintained ancient temple with rare sculptures

Sri Marundeshwarar koil at Kandamangalam /Navamal Marudhur near Pondicherry-An ancient temple renovated recently

About 15 years ago an elderly relative urged me to visit this temple which was in a dilapidated stage and he told me it wont last long. I could not find more details. Today I could recollect the place and could visit the same when I visited Pondicherry.

Though I could not get more information of this temple I found that new construction has been done.


The temple is situated 15 kms from Pondy on the Villupuram road in a village called Marudhur . The winding narrow village road leads us to the temple and locals are eager to guide you. Sadly at 10 AM there were not many people around and the temple is being looked after by an elderly oduvar.I heard from him that Sri. Thirunavukkarasar has visited this temple.I read somewhere that records from 1056 AD  in the Karandhai temple in Tanjore district there were 66 acres of land allotted to this temple by Raja Raja Chola.

It is very famous as a parihara sthalam with the Bhairava being very powerful. The Oduvar said if you pray to this lord I predict you will see results in 15 days!! such was his confidence

A placid natural uncared for pond in front of the temple


View of the temple from the pond. The Huge Nandi guards the temple entrance where in a huge Shivalingam rests in the main sannidhi facing SOUTH as is the Marudhambigai sannidhi  a very rare feature. Shiva was manifested in a Marudha tree here (Arjun tree) hence marudhur. Both Shiva and Parvathi are equal in height . The whole temple was built with black granite  which was available about 70 kms away ( all this data from Sri. Sathiya   Narayanan on Google maps and from the Oduvar in the temple my gratitude to both of them and all credit to these two people for all the  info regarding this temple)

The temple was consecrated by sri Parakesi munivar it seems

To the right you can see the Marudhambigai sannidhi


Marudhambigai sannidhi


Murugan and Vinayaka sannidhi can be seen behind the main sannidhis.

I front of the Ambal sannidhi facing north are the sannidhis  for Suryan, Chandran ,Kala Bhairava and the Navagrahas