Saturday, September 15, 2018

Shri Tripurasundari sametha Shri Yamadandeshwara temple–Alagramam near Tindivanam

I had read in some of the devotees experiences with Maha periyava that he had camped at this temple a few times. The name intrigued me and today I could visit.

The other temples where Yama and Shiva are important features are Thirukadaiyur, near Karaikal, Thiru Paingili near Trichy, Srivanjiyam near Kumbakonam.

How to reach:

The temple is surprisingly very close to NH 45 .Between Tindivanam and Villupuram a major crossing is the Kooteripattu junction where the east leads to Pondicherry via mailam,thiruvakkarai and the west leads to Gingee. Turn towards Gingee and in 1 km you will cross the railway line overbridge take a U turn and proceed under the bridge towards south west which is the road to Alagramam. in 4 kms you will see this temple on the left hand side. The temple is undergoing restoration hence I could not see the main lord


Yama became anguished at the fear shown by living creatures as he went about doing his job of taking lives, He felt he was accruing sins for no fault of his so he prayed to lord Shiva for redemption.Shiva directed him here and asked him to bathe in the pond which is a manifestation of the Ganga to wash his sins away.Since he is underwater in the pond it is said you can listen to his breath sounds if you meditate inside and in the Garba graha there is a sound of water being inhaled and exhaled .


When Yama is around there has to be Chitragupta nearby hence he also has a sannidhi here but since major construction was going on and most sannidhis were empty and the Garbha graha locked  I could not see specific idols

here are a few pictures20180915_095117DSCN0024DSCN0025DSCN0026DSCN0027DSCN0028DSCN0029DSCN0030DSCN0032DSCN0023

Once it is completed shall visit again

Shri Ambujakshi sametha Shri Aadhi Varahaswamy temple Peramandur near Tindivanam

Varaha swamy temples are very rare in Tamil nadu and when I heard there is one near Tindivanam I made it to the same today. Varaha avatar of Mahavishnu is one of the dasa avataras celebrated for retrieving the earth from the depths of the ocean after an asura called Soma hid her.

How to reach:

The temple is surprisingly easy to reach close to the highway. On NH 45 proceeding from Chennai cross the flyover on the Tindivanam bye pass .As you land down  look for the road to Peramandur and take a right into this narrow road in 8 kms you will reach the temple on the right . near by are a Digambar Jain temple and a Shiva temple

The other way to reach is on the Kooteripattu to Gingee road in about 10 kms you will reach the turning for Peramandur 2 kms on this road will take you to the temple20180915_092122

though the temple is a few hundred years old it has recently been rebuilt about 2 years ago and is very neat and inviting.

it has a small courtyard 20180915_092143

As you enter the gopuram you can see the dwajasthambam and Anjaneya sannidhi on the right


the rear side houses the sannidhi of Mahalakshmi  on the left and Andal on the rightDSCN0021DSCN0016

As you enter the main temple sannidhi we find the resplendent lord about 5 feet tall sitting with the Ambujakshi Thayar on his left thigh gazing lovingly as depicted in the main entrance20180915_092122

Its a very neat small temple of a very rare form of Mahavishnu

Sri Mukthiyalishwarar temple Perumukkal near Tindivanam

I heard that petroglyphs a rare form of cavemen art of which only 4 samples are found in India dating back 4000 years are found in this place hence decided to travel here. The place is 0ne of the isolated desolate rocks between Marakkanam and Tindivanam

How to reach :

I proceeded to the Tindivanam to Pondy highway off NH 45 and at once the acute left to Marakkanam is seen about 20 kms on this  narrow road we reach Perumukkal a right turn on a cart track /old cement road leads us to the foot of the Perumukkal hillock20180915_08272020180915_082534

The legend above talks of the history of this place and its strategic importance as a military observation post for successive kings from the Cholas to the Mysore rulers Hyder ali, Tippu to Hoysalas  to French to britishers who all maintained a fort now in ruins on top The temple on top is also in ruins .

It was an exhilarating climb of 450 feet on perilous steps but the view was excellent.



Unfortunately the temple is in shambles and I don't have the heart to post my pics.

for more info on the temple , history and the petroglyphs see the link below

the archeology dept. of TN Link: