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Adhishtanams of the Kanchi seers- Sri Paramasivendra saraswathi the 57 th acharya at Tiruvengadu.

The Thiruvenkadu adhishtanam

On the east coast road  after leaving Sirkazhi in about 15 kms you will see the road to Poompuhar. Take a left here this is the approach road to both Thiruvenkadu and Keezhperumpallam the Kethu Sthalam just before reaching Poompuhar you will see the left turning to thiruvenkadu. Thiruvenkadu houses the great Swetharanyeswarar temple with the famous budhan kshetram Agora Murthy and Chidambaresha it also has the Adhistanam of Brahma the father of the Goddess Gnanambikai..This is the town where the 57 the pontiff of the Kanchi mutt is in. Jeeva samadhi. You will have to ask for the kanchi mutt samadhi in the sarboji agraharam which is just behind the temple in a road that is parrallel to the north  side of the temple. 

This is the place where Sivan Sir the poorvashrama younger brother(fondly called sachu)  of Mahaperiyava had graced by his presence before shifting to Chennai
Here is a recent pic from my visit on 06/03/17DSC06214
There is a small temple in front of the adhishtanam
57.Sri Paramasivendra Saraswati II :
He was the son of Parameswara, native of a village on the bank of the river Pampa. He was known as Sivaramakrishna before Sanyasa. He was the Guru of the great Sadasiva Brahmendra, the author of the Guru Ratna malika and the great Brahma Jnani. The greatness of Paramasivendra may be gauged from the fact that Sadasiva Brahmendra used to carry the sandals of the Acharya always on his head. And the greatness of Sadasiva Brahmendra may also be understood by an incident, which is recounted in popular tradition, Sadasiva steeped in the bliss of Brahman, was wandering about as an Avadhuta, to all appearances like a mad man. Someone reported to Paramasivendra that Sadasiva had gone mad. The Acharya is reported to have answered "I wish I had but a touch of that madness". So great indeed was Paramasivendra that Sadasiva Brahmendra has immortalised him in his Atma Vidya Vilasa. This Acharya wrote a commentary on Siva Gita. He attained mukti at Svetaranya (Thiruvenkadu) in Tanjore District on Sukla Dasami in the month of Shravana of the cyclic year Parthiva (1586 AD).His pontificate was for 47 years.He is the preceding Guru of Sri Vishwadikendra Atma bodhendra Saraswathi who is interned at Vadavambalam (Link to my blog on this adhishtanam)
The adhishtanam is being taken taken care of by Sri.Sivaramakrishnan who  family has been in this holy duty for the last 3 generations. DSC06207
The adhishtanam of the saint is a jeeva samadhi and strict rules to be followed here as explained by sri.Sivaramakrishnan  are
1.Do not come empty handed some fruit, flower, oils etc to be carried
2.please remove the shirt as you enter
3. please wash all sides of your feet before entering the sanctum
There is a Chakrini temple inside on the northern side where a srichakram has been buried by Mahaperiyava , The south facing goddess is  very powerful
there is also an adhishtanam of the pet sishya the avadhoota Sadashiva brahmendra.( This sage has multiple adhishtanams at Nerur, here, lahore etc)DSC06192

below is the samadhi of Sri. Atma bodhendra
other deities in the outer praharam

Entrance of the sanctumDSC06210DSC06211DSC06212
A truly memorable experience which i perceived in this second visitof mine
Contact: Sri Sivaramakrishnan::9488210744

from the Kanchi calendar 2018
57. Sri Paramasivendra Saraswati
1539 - 1586 A.D.
आचाय - 57 - परमिशवेायः
पासर ··· कामनेाः ॥ ११२ ॥
ीच ··· चरणैकदः ॥ ११३ ॥
स पािथवे ··· शकाे ॥ ११४ ॥
अयमेव ··· वृाः ॥
Śivarāmakṛṣṇa, son of Parameśvara on the banks of
river Pampā, devoted to
Sadāśiva, having got initiation into asceticism from
him, devoid of any attachment indeed, he remained
at the abode of goddess Kāmākṣă.
Devoted to the worship of Śră Cakrarāja, adhered to
the path of Śivarāja, adhered to the path of Śivayoga,
adept in worshipping the goddess Kāmeśvară, he,
free from desires, held the preceptor-ship for forty seven
This senior preceptor, courageous, reached the
space that is beyond the physical body, on the tenth
day of the bright fortnight of the Śravaṇa month in
the year Pārthiva of the Śaka era 1508 (Dūra Śaka).
According to scholars, this preceptor was the
master of Sadāśivabrahmendra and attained siddhi
in Śvetāraṇyam.