Sunday, April 28, 2013

Veerattanam the eight Shiva temples in Tamil nadu- AshtaVeerattanam

The ashta veerattanams are temples built for Shiva in Tamil Nadu where in Shiva took on the destruction mood to destroy asuras and evil forces. It is basically a temple built to commemorate victory over evil in many cases evil is an allegory for negative human features like ego, ignorance, fear of death ,Kama .,etc. These temples have been in existence for more than 1000 years.

There is a point why should the lord Shiva turn a killer and later give life again because it isBrahma's domain. The explanation by a  priest at the thirupariyalur temple was fascinating it is to show that the law is same for all  even if it is the father-in-Law daksha,or Lord Brahma,the violent acts are all part of fate destiny and even gods are all not immune to it. These destructions were all too small for somebody of shiva's strength but he wanted to show the world that evil/ ego is punished.

All these temples have exquisite Samhara murthys which are unique and not seen any where. The Lord Shiva Idol is exquisite in all these places and the stories and myths so beautiful!!

1 Thirukandiyur Brahma Near Thiruvaiyaru
2. Tirukoilur Andhakasura Tirukoilur
3. Thiruvadhigai Tripuranthaka Panrutti
4. Thirupariyal Daksha Mayavaram
5. Thiruvirkudi Jalandaran Tiruvarur
6. Thiruvazhuvoor Gajasura Mayavaram
7. Thirukurrukai Manmatha Korukkai near Mayavaram
8. Thirukadayur Yama Sirkali l

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