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Ootathur Sri Sudharathnishawar temple a Vaipu sthalam near trichy

One of the ancient Shiva temples near Trichy this  is a    fairly large temple. It is a vaipu stalam. The saint appar came to nearby  padalur and saw only Sivalingams in this place hence did not step into the temple but sung about this temple from Padalur.The temple was built by RAja Raja Chola .
How to reach:
On the trichy chennai highway after Perambalu rabout 35 kms before trichy we reach Padalur. Enter the service road and take the left turn and folow the road for 5 kms  you will see the temple on the right.IMG_0014
Legends of the temple:
This is the place where the rivers were fighting who is more powerful. Shiva asked nandi to swallow all of them . Only Ganga came out of his mouth. The river Nandiaar is close by and is a tributary of the kolladam river . Hence there are many nandhi s and in the Sanctum we find a Nandi turning away from siva facing the east like the Sivalingam and the teertham here is supposed to be of medicinal value.
There is a seperate Sannidhi with Natarajar and Sivagami ambal carved out of a single stone called pancha nadanam and when tapped gives off a rich note of Om.  The light emitted from this stone is equal to that from the navarathnas. Sivagamis face is tilted to Natarajas side.
As you enter the Rajagopuram we see the main sanctum with multiple pillars and carvings. The Bhairavar is very famous here.
IMG_0028 IMG_0022 IMG_0023  IMG_0025 The Next Praharam has a majestic nandi facving the sanctum sanctorum as seen below. In front of the nandi is a well and there is a tunnel to the Perumal temple from here
The main Sanctum has a Shivalingam .When deeparadhana is performed the light is reflected from the sivalingam and it appears as though the light is coming as a jyothi from the lord himself.
There is the usual kosta devathas and sanctums for ganesha and Murugan behind the sanctum. There is also aseperate sannidhi for Lakshmi and saraswathy, The temple has Vishnu durga and a durga with fangs puja here to these dieties gives benefit of marriage.IMG_0024        IMG_0040   IMG_0035   IMG_0038  
The outer praharam has sannidhis for Ganapathy, Murugan and ambal Akhilandeshwari. There is also a dilapidated Kalyanamandapam.
 IMG_0029 IMG_0044IMG_0046   IMG_0049IMG_0050
Ambal sannidhi
A statue of Appar on the wall of the temple to show hw saw the temple but did not visit it.
While coming back i saw lots of wild peacocks in the farm lands
IMG_0071-001  IMG_0074 IMG_0076 IMG_0077

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