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Sri, Sivakozhundeshwarar temple Thirthanagari near Cuddalore- A padal petra sthalam

This temple has been in existence over 4 yugams and has been re built many times over, The last time by a local chieftain VeeramanMaharaja. There are many legends associated with this temple. It is on the banks of a huge water body called Perumal lake
Hoe to Reach:
Theerthanagiri is 18 km far from Cuddalore on the east coast road towards chidambaram. After crossing alapakkam on the left in 5 kms will see a board to thirthanagari it is about 4 kms on this road. IMG_0049
Legends of the temple:
Perumal worshipped shiva here and killed a demon called Murasuran and he hence came to be known as Murari
Siva rahasyam which was told by shiva to parvathy was overheard by Murugan who instructed Agasthiyar the same and the same are documented in palm leaf writings in the Connemara library
Durvasa cursed Bhringi rishi and he received salvation after worshipping shiva here
Perumal lake or Garuda theertham was  dug out by Garuda.
There were an aged couple who cultivated Thinai (hence thinai oor ). They used to eat only after feeding a guest. One day an aged man came and said he would work in the fields and then eat. He started sowing seeds and when the aged couple came to feed him they fount a bountiful harvest of thinai here and when the couple asked how this was possible Shiva revealed his real form to them, Thinai cultivation was the main agriculture here and even today the local farmers start cultivation after prayers to Dakshinamurthy here who is sitting in Padmasana without his sishyas and in the posture he had food . He is called Yoga Dakshinamurthy
Suryan prayed to Shiva here and in March April (Panguni month) the sun rays fall directly on the swayumbu lingam
The ambal sannidhi is in the first praharam on the right of the Nandi and the Dwajasthambam seen above
Below is the second praharam with entrance from the south
The  saints Appar, Sambandar Navukkarasar and the builder Veeraman Maharaja are housed in the enclosure on the left
The main enclosure has a shivalingam  and also houses a rare Nataraja. Shiva is east facing and has a majestic avudiar.
The nataraja is ardhanari with ganga on the head and anklets on one leg. There are figures of Brahma playing drums and Vishnu blowing the Conch. The earrings are different on both sides. Agni is held in one hand and the damaru in anotherIMG_0076
This place is considered as holy for the performing arts and many vidwans come here to exhibit their artistry and pray for success
The Kosta vigrahas are unique. The story of the aged farmer is depicted around t ganesaIMG_0057 IMG_0056

The yoga dakshinamurthy in padmasana on a lotus with no maram or sishyasIMG_0058 IMG_0062
Lingothbhavar shiva with Brahma and Vishnu on either side. Sadly the epigraphy has been whitewashed
Rare Chandikeshwara with consortIMG_0066
Murugan sannidhiIMG_0065
The sthala vruksham KonraiIMG_0068
The ambal sannidhi is in the outer courtyard facing South. Goddess Oppilla nayaki one who has no comparision (Karunthadankanni)is about 5 feet tall and majesticIMG_0086
A few paintings inside of the nayanmarsIMG_0085 IMG_0084
Manikantan gurukkal :9047140464 / 8870740464

Sri Mangalapureeshwarar temple at Tiruchopuram near Cuddalore- A padal petra sthalam

This Sunday 23/8/14 I visited this temple . It is very close to the shore and in a quaint village. Sadly many people do not visit this temple and the priest stays at Cuddalore but does 5 kala pujas daily. Since he is in charge of many temples  he is always on the move. The temple manager stays behind and has custody of the keys and so we were able to enter the temple and have a darshan
How to reach:
The temple is between cuddalore and chidambaram On the east coast road about 20 kms from cuddalore you will see the road to Alapakkam take this road and cross the railway track at 4 kms you will come to Thiruchopuram now called Thiagavalli in memory of the queen of Thribhuvana maharaja who used to worship here. The Temple is in the middle of the village
IMG_0046  IMG_0044IMG_0047   
The bells on the kodimaram were pleasantly welcoming us with their music
A few hundred  and fifty years ago the temple was covered by sand and was lost. Ramalinga sivayogiar of Madurai had a dream and he came here and discovered the kalasam and with the help of villagers reclaimed  the temple. Till a few years ago it was accessed only  by boat access the river. You can still see copious sand in the courtyard
Agasthya did penance here .
Thirugnanasambandar has sung songs about this temple
The temple itself is quite small but spacious. The shivalingam faces west hence the  square avudiar is on the left. The ambal sannidhi is on the left facing south. There is only one praharamIMG_0008
The dwarapalakas of the shivan sannidhi
IMG_0017 IMG_0016 
The ambal is known as Veladan nadunkanniyal, sathyaaya dakshi and is about 5feet tall and quite imposing.IMG_0019 IMG_0018
The kosta vigrahas are reversed as the temple faces west and hence you find Vishnu durgai first, The Dakshinamurthy, lingodhbhavar are unique in having attendants Ganesh has Thirugnanasambandam as attendantIMG_0036 
Dakshinamurthy has sanath kumaras
Brahma and Vishnu are attending Shiva above
There are other sannidhis in the praharam  as below with many lingams and the 63 nayanmarsIMG_0041 IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 
Navagragas in an enclosure
IMG_0031  IMG_0037  IMG_0039

Sthala vriksham Konrai maram

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sri Sanjeevarayar Anjaneya temple at Ayyangarkulam

Close to Kanchipuram I happened to see this dilapidated temple for anjeneyar alone. This is a very rare temple
How to Reach:
On the Kanchi Vandavasi road after about 2 kms take a left towards arcot, kalavai and in about 3 kms you can see the templeIMG_0102
Searching on the net I found this history of this temple .click here to see the history of the temple
The temple is crumbling . It has a main sanidhi for anjeneyar and there are many pillars on the outside corridor which has about 80 different anjeneya sculptures!!. There is a huge pond behind the temple .IMG_0121 IMG_0103 IMG_0105  IMG_0107  IMG_0112
The main sannidhi seen from the pond

A tall garudalwar seen standing alone
A sad state of affairs for a rare hanuman temple 

Sri Thalapureeshwarar ,Sri Krupapureeshwarar temple Thirupanangaadu-A padal petra sthalam

This temple is the third Padal petra sthalam south of Kanchi on the Vandavasi road.It was built by Agasthya and his sishya Pulasthya so we have two sannidhis two garbagruhas and two Ambal sannidhis both Gajaprushti vimanas and swayumbhu lingams.
How to Reach:
On the Kanchi Vandavasi road after about 2 kms there is a right turning to Meenakshi engineering college. Take this road for about 5 kms and you will come to the college In front of the college there is a right turn for about 2-3 kms and you will reach the temple IMG_0061 IMG_0063

The temple is associated with Agasthiyar Pulasthiyar and Sundara. Sri Sundarar was once travelling here and being hungry and lost prayed to the lord who guided him here and fed him theertham from the pond called Sundara thertham, The saint then sang about the kindness of the lord
There are two Nandis, two Kodimarams and two sannidhis   IMG_0066 IMG_0064

The sannidhi on our right is the Krupapureeshwarar  installed by Pulasthiyar and on the right the Thalapureeshwarar of agasthya . The dwarapalakas are on Lotuses with nagabharanaIMG_0069   IMG_0070
The koshta vigrahas are shared by both the temples Ganesha Lingodhbhavar on the thalapureeshwarar and vishnu on the Krupapurteeshwarar IMG_0071 IMG_0072 IMG_0078IMG_0073 IMG_0074
IMG_0075 IMG_0076
The ambal sannidhis are side by side with Amrithavalli on our left and Kripanayaki on our right. Both are standing about 3 feet tall IMG_0082 IMG_0081
There is a spacious outer walking courtyard with sthalavruksham the palm tree IMG_0091
A few pillars on the ground with the Sundara theertham
 IMG_0101  IMG_0098 IMG_0097
There is a muneeshwarar temple to be visited first before visiting this templeIMG_0062