Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sri Kanchi Mutt at Tiruvannamalai

The recent addition of the branch of this mutt at Tiruvannamalai the ancient Mokshapuri is a welcome feature. When I visited this place today the young brahmacharis of the vedapatashala were busy reciting their lessons and one young student came forward to show deeparadhanai to Mahaperiyava’s photo here.

There are rooms for stay for devotees I believe

The mutt is located on the girivalam path opposite the Simha theertham next to the Gnana Lalithambikai temple


The Gnana Lalithambikai temple and Old age home next door


IMG_0048 IMG_0049 IMG_0050

A view of the Majestic Arunachaleshwara hill from the mutt



Sri Sundareshananda Sabhai- Tiruvannamalai

This temple is connected with the adhishtanams of two saints Sri Sandrananda Bodhendra saraswathi of the Kanchi peetam 46 th guru (Click here to see the blog on this swamiji) and Sri Hari ji
How to Reach:
The temple is situated in the North Iyyankulam street in the Iyyankulam agraharam in front of the Annamalaiyar temple adjacent to the Housing of the chariots of the Annamalaiyar temple. The temple is known as Sunderesananda sabhai Shivan koil locally . it is in a narrow lane to the right.
The Iyyankulam is seen at the end of the lane
Story and Legends:
Sri Hariji who has his jeeva samadhi here is credited with many miracles here.He was instrumental in curing the Arcot Nawab of illness and was granted many perquisites by the grateful nawab including land etc which are sadly now lost for the temple.
As you enter you see the Brindavanam of Sri Sandrananda Bodhendra Saraswathi-the 46 th Peetadhipathi  of the Kanchi mutt and next to this is the jeeva samadhi of Sri Hariji IMG_0052
IMG_0055The main temple behind is a small structure a room with three sannidhis Meenakshi amman on the left, The Sundareshwarar in the middle, and murugan on the left. There  is a Vinayagar in front of the ambal sannidhi and there is a Dakshinamurthy inside on the right wall.
The temple is very small and well maintained by Sri Raju the priest
  IMG_0057 IMG_0058IMG_0061  IMG_0060 IMG_0059
The story of how this adhishtanam was discovered as published in the Kanchi mutt Calendar 2013kanchi2013x1 (2)

Adhishtanam of Sri Sandrananda Bodhendra Saraswathi-the 46 th Peetadhipathi at Tiruvannamalai

Today I had the good fortune of visiting the adhishtanam of the 46 th guru petadhipathi of kanchi  Sri Sandrananda Bodhendra Saraswathi at Tiruvannamalai
Given below is the extract from

Sri Sandranandabhodhendra Saraswati : He was the son of Surya. His former name was Somadeva and he spent a great part of his early life in attending on his Guru and predecessor Paramasiva I. He was the author of Katha-Sarit Sagara. He was presented with a palanquin wrought with pearls by King Bhoja of Dhara. He attained mukti at Arunachala Kshetra on Arriavasya in the month of Ashada of the cyclic year Esvara (1098 AD).
The story of how this adhishtanam was found is published in the calendar of the Kanchi mutt 2013 reproduced belowkanchi2013x1 (2)
With the above information and Google maps as help I first visited the Kanchi mutt Tiruvannamalai and then came to this temple.
How to reach:
The Adhishtanam is situated in the North Iyyankulam street in the Iyyankulam agraharam in front of the Anamalaiyar temple adjacent to the Housing of the chariots of the Annamalaiyar temple. The temple is known as Sunderesa sabhai Shivan koil locally . it is in a narrow lane to the right.
The Iyyankulam is seen at the end of the laneIMG_0062
As you enter the temple you can see adhishtanam of the acharya with a Brindavanam and statues of nagasIMG_0052IMG_0053
To the left of this adhishtanam is also the Jeevasamadhi of Sri.Hari swamiji a yoga purusha, who spent his time in this temple and entered jeeva Samadhi here. Sri Hariji is credited with performing many miracles here. He had  realised the greatness of this adhishtanam and gave instructions for his brindavanam to be built alongside. This is seen as a  closed structure in the picture below
IMG_0056 A bliss filed morning darshan followed.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thiru Idayatranadhar temple at T.Edayur- A padal petra sthalam

One of the many padal petra sthalam of sri Sundarar the temple is situated close to Tiruvennainallur and Thirukoilur on the Thiruvennainallur Thirukoilur road at about 5 kms from Thiruvennainallur and 10 kms before Thirukoilur.

The Gramam temple is also close by so also Naavalur the birth place of Sundarar and Thiruthuraiyur his place of enlightenment. Sri Sundarar was also known as Van thondar the poet who was a comrade  in arms with lord Shiva.The entire belt from Thiruvadhigai in the east to Thirukoilur in the west  around Vizhupuram has all these temples with in 20 kms of each other.There area lot of Narasimha temples also in between.

The temple is very easy to reach either from NH 45from Vizhupuram side or from Thirukoilur side. At arasur crossing on NH 45 after vizhupuram take a turn towards thiruvennainallur. you will cross gramam temple (Mundiswram) and reach Thiruvennainallur, Here take a right to reach Thirukoilur and about 5 kms you will reach the temple on the left.


Legends and Stories:

Sukha Brahman was born here as the son of  Sage Vyasa. He accidently overheard the divine gospel being taught to Parvaty who cursed him to be born with a parrot face.there is a small enclosure for him hereIMG_0060

As you enter the main temple gopuram there is no kodimaramIMG_0056

The temple has Shiva Marundeshwarar @ Idai atru eashwarar in the east facing west hence the koshta vigrahas are all reversed . The main praharam has a 3 feet Shiva lingam with statues of the 5 savants


The praharam has a door leading to ambal sannidhi. The ambal Sri.Gnanambikai is facing east

The outer praharam has  sannidhis for the usual koshta vigrahas but in reverse order as Shiva is facing westIMG_0057IMG_0058

The statue of Suka brahma rishi is seen under the treeIMG_0061

there are sannidhis for Ganapathy, ,Navagraha and Sapthamathas.IMG_0062IMG_0067

The ambal Gnanambikai sannidhi also has an outside entrance IMG_0071

There is an additional ganesha sannidhi in front of the Ambal sannidhiIMG_0070

Murugan has a seperate sannidhi inside the mandapam seen as you enter the temple on the leftIMG_0072



Swarnakateswarar temple at Neivanai- A padal petra Sthalam

Among the Nadu naatu padal petra sthalams this is a very ancient temple.  the temple has been renovated recently by devotees who have received blessings in bounty . If the priest Sri krishnamoorthy is to be believed the lord   blesses his devotees and ensures a bountiful harvest in any activity. He is 80 years young and is willing to show you around all day and is a picture of great confidence
How to reach:
The temple can be reached from Tiruvennainellur on the road to Ulundurpet about 21 kms from Tiruvennainallur, take a right turn towards Neivanai and at about 5 kms you will see the ruins
You can also reach the place from Ulundurpet. Enter Ulundurpet and at the main bus stand take a turn north west wards towards Thirukoilur on SH 69 It is called the  Tiruvennainellur  road.About 12kms from the bus stand turn left into the Nemili Rishivandiyam road At about 10 kms you will see the temple on the right.
Legends and Stories:
Sri Gnanasambandar the young savant was travelling here in darkness when the ambal guided him to the lord who gave his bountiful darshan which made the young poet break into song and dance. He is shown here dancing as a  child
Once there was floods in this place  with the lakes and rivers swelling. The lord appeared as a youth and directed the people to build a dam using Nel (paddy) thus the name for the place  Nel anai (paddy dam was the original name which has been corrupted now to Neivanai) The lord then gave the villagers gold to re build their village and admonished them for forgetting their belief in god due to their affluence.He then manifested as a swayumbhu lingam here so the villagers built the temple here.
During the Tamil month of Chittirai the rays of the sun fall on the lingam and the colour changes many hues in the day from gold to red to orange.
There are idols of Vishnu with Lakshmi on his lap in the mandapam with both of them closing their eyes showing prayer attitude.
As you enter you see the Shivan sannidhi. The Nandi in front has both paws crossed in front showing praying attitudeIMG_0040
The Shiva lingam is inside the ante chamber and about 3-4 feet tall.
the outer praharam has sannidhis for vinayaga,Agastheeswarar,Murugan  IMG_0026IMG_0027IMG_0029IMG_0030IMG_0031IMG_0032IMG_0033
The Ambal sannidhi Neela malar kanni or Brihannayaki is a majestic 5 feet tall vigraham in a separate sannidhi facing eastIMG_0036
the sthala vruksham is the vanni tree a few saplings have been planted recently again a happy devotees contributionIMG_0034
A temple with very positive energy
Contact Sri krishnamurthy gurukkal:   90477859144 .
The temple is open 6 AM to 8 PM