Monday, January 24, 2011

Poovarasan Kuppam Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy- Dakshiina ahobilam

Yesterday I was enroute to Villupuram for a camp. I visited this ancient temple also known as Dakshina Ahobilam
How to reach: The temple is in Villupuram district enroute to Panrutti about 16 kms away from villupuram
From Villupuram you can take the Panrutti road and once you cross the Koilanur crossing (you can reach this crossing directly from Vikravandi on the chennai Tanjore road) proceed till you come to the Valavanoor crossing take a right here and proceed  for 4 kms to  Siruvanthadu ask for poovarasankuppam it is within a couple of KMS. The road is motor able . There are also Autos available from Valavanoor and siruvandhaadu. The temple is in the centre of the village and easily foundShri Lakshmi Narasimhar Singrigudi PoovarasanKuppam Parikkal Route Map
Map courtesy ( the blog is very informative )

There are stone etchings inside this temple dating back to the 3rd Century AD. Also, there are references to construction during Narasimha Pallava's reign (7th Century AD). There are also inscriptions indicating Krishna Deva Raya’s visit to this temple . The temple is under renovation now and I saw a good enthusiastic crowd on a sunday.
This is one of the four Narasimha temples around Villupuram (others being Anthili, Parikkal and Singirikudi – There is also the Sayana Narasimha at Thiruvathigai).
Both Singirikudi  Narasimha and Parikkal Narasimha which are in a straight line are facing the Poovarasan Kuppam Narasimha. Since this was the first appearance after Hiranya Samhaaram- the place is also called Dakshina Ahobilam. The darshan was to please the Saptharishis,
The main sannidhi houses The Lakshmi Narasimhar. There is Garudalwar facing the main sannithi. The  angry lord is being pacified by Lakshmi Devi who is on his left lap and each of them has an arm around the other.poovarasan narasimha 3
Thaayar’s Posture
A unique feature at this temple is the posture of Lakshmi. One eye of the Goddess is turned towards the Lord and the other eye is welcoming the devotees. Also, interestingly Lakshmi and Narasimha are seen at the same height at this temple!!!
The main sannidhi also houses the utsava moorthy of both Narasimhar and Lakshmi.
There is a separate sannidhi for Lakshmi devi (Amirthavalli thayar) at the North east cornerAhobila valli thayar11
Ahobila valli thayar12
On the South east side is the sannidhi for AndalAndal14
The South west corner has Anjaneya in a separate enclosureHanumar15
The place is Neatly maintained. I received dates/honey/panchamrutham prasadam with ven pongal!which was truly the highlight of the visit!!
All pics courtesy
Temple particulars
Temple Time : 8am-12.30pm and 4pm-8pm
Contact numbers. : Parthasarathy Bhattar @ 94439 59995 or 0413 2698191
Auto at Siruvanthadu: Murugan (driver) @ 99656 35641

last week I could visit again the temple was closed as it was mid day . there was a sudarshana homam being done on a massive scale in the open lands with a huge pandal erected on the way to siruvanthadu


  1. Yesterday i.e. 11/5/2012 I had the fortune to visit this temple with my family. The directions givenby the blogger was very useful. I drove in Mercedez from Pondy via Singrikudi and saw all the three Narasimhar in single 24hrs time. It was memorable. It was a fact Lord showed his kindness towards our family. It is not right on my part to explain what happened. It was positive and words can not explain his blessings. If you are a follower of Lord Narasimha you should not delay in seeing him. There is one more turning point in my life. The temple is under renovation. I offered Thulasi and Archana thattu. There is nothing more to add what the blogger has said. You are tempted to stay with HIM for ever. you can't take your eyes off just like that. Rajagopalan

  2. I want to know the way to reach anjineyer tenple in ravuthanallur in sankarapuram villupuram dt.please.

  3. dr sir thanks for your valuable information about direction and temple

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  5. I want vellore to parikkal short route

    1. I have travelled via two routes from kanchi
      First route is Vellore , Arcot,Polur, Tirikoilur , Thiruvennainellur, Reach NJ 45 at arasur and take a right after madampattu
      Vellore, Kanchi, uthiramerur, Reach NH 45 either from uthiramerur or at TindivNan, or sanji, and cross vizhupuram, Parikkal will be on the right
      Travel time is almost equal . Of course I travelled by car but I am sure Buses are also very frequent from Kanchi