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Adhishtanams in Thiruvotriyur chennai

The adhishtanams in Tiruvotriyur ( 55 th and 61 st acharyas)
Last Sunday 20/06/10 I had an oppurtunity to visit the Thiruvotriyur temple in Chennai. The Thyagaraja sannidhi , Vaduvudaiamman and the thataka prathistai sannidhi were enchanting. Adi shankara is believed to have camped here and was responsible for stopping human sacrifices and codified the practices to be followed in the temple. There is a ancient stone building next to the temple on the south side where we can find his statue with two sishyas. This building is now under the custody of the Kanchi kamakoti mutt and functions as the kanchi mutt office. It also houses the adhishtanam( Jeeva Samadhi) of the 61 st pontiff, shri Mahadevendra saraswathy III. This day happened to be the aradhanai for the swamiji and I was fortunate to have witnessed the same and received prasadams.

61st Sri Mahadevendra Saraswati III: He was previously known as Narayana. He was a great yogi. It was during his pontificate that Atma Bodha wrote his commentary Susama on the Gururatna Malika. He attained mukti at Tiruvottiyur, now a part of Chennai on Sukla Navami in the month of Jyesta of the cyclic year Krothana (1746 ,AD).This is also a jeeva samadhi. His pontificate was for 42 years

A stones throw from this area is the Sankaracharya colony a colony of devotees of the mutt.( this is about 1/2 a km from the vadivudaiamman koil  bus stand, and tiruvottriyur railway station),  Situated in the entrance of  this colony is the adhishtanam of the
55 th pontiff Sri Chandrchuda III: He was a native of Asmachala near manimuktha river in south Arcot district. He was the son of Purari and Shrimati. his former name was arunagiri. He was a dravida brahmin and he died in the year swabhanu, mina shukla ekadasi .(In the year 1524 A.D). His pontificate was for 17 years
Today 25/7/10 being the day of Vyasa puja We had the occasion to visit the adhishtanam in the morning. Mr Seshadri the caretaker ( he is an engineer working in a private company but does service here to personally take care of the adhistanam daily with utmost reverence) was kind enough to show us around the place. He informed us this is a jeeva samadhi.  In the year 1524 A.D.I could take a few photos of the Adhishtanam with his kind permission

( View of the Brindavanam  complex inside the colony)

( A stone tablet in Telugu and grantham language which speaks of the brindavanam)

DSCN1815 (The Brindavanam inside the enclosure)
From theKanchi calensder 2018

55. Sri Chandrachudendra Saraswati
1507 - 1524 A.D.
आचाय - 55 - अणिगिरचचूडेः
मधुिरत ··· चचूडेनामा ॥ १०८ ॥
इं ···ोितिष॥ १०९ ॥
अयं गतः ॥
Heaps of merits embodied as the son of Purāri and
Śrămati of the town Aśmaśālapura on the banks of
the sweet river Maṇimukta, Aruṇagiri governed the
preceptor-ship of the Păṭha surrounded by the four
oceans as preceptor candracūḍa.
Sri Kṛṣṇapremi’s edition
Thus having imparted the teachings to me, the
insignificant disciple and guiding me through various
aspects pertaining to the Păṭha, the preceptor
who remained in the Păṭha for sixteen years and
attained siddhi in a moment, he merged in the
Supreme Effulgence (of the nature) Saccitsukha
devoid of calamities, on the eleventh day of the
bright fortnight early morning of the month of
Măna of the year Svabhānu at Kañci.
Polakam Rāmaśāstri edition
Thus having imparted the teachings to me, the
insignificant among disciples and guiding me
through all aspects relating to the Păṭha, the
preceptor who stayed at the Maṭha for only six
years at siddhi in a moment, he merged in the
Eternal Bliss, the Supreme Effulgence, devoid of
calamities at the dawn of eleventh day of bright
fortnight of the Mārgaśărṣa month in the year
Āṅgărasa at Kañci.
This preceptor attained siddhi at Kañci.
Thus the text Puṇyaślokamañjarī along with
Laghuvṛtti authored by Śră Sarvajñasadhāśiva
Bodhendra, the fifty-sixth preceptor and disciple
of His holiness Jagadguru Śră Candracūḍendra
Pūjyapāda of Śră Kāñci Kāmakoṭi Păṭha.
पुयोकमिरपिरिशम ्
Appendix to Puṇyaślokamañjarī
आबोधेिविनिमतम ्
ीमदाबोधेसरती िवरिचतः थमभागः

On 29/4/12 is the aradhanai of 61st  Acharya Sri Mahadevendra Saraswati III: at the tiruvotriyur Sankara madam . Please attend if possible to obtain the grace of theguru

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