Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adhishtanam of the Kanchi seers Sri Bhagannama Bodhendra saraswathi the 59 th Acharya of the Kanchi mutt at Govindapuram

  The Govindapuram Adhishtanam
As you leave Mayavaram and proceed towards Kumbakonam near  Aaduthurai is the Kanchimadam close to the Cauvery where the adhishtanam of Shri Bodhendra saraswathy is seen. There is a huge Hanuman idol consecrated and the Adhishtanam has been recently rebuilt. The adhishtanam was apparently reclaimed by Govinda deekshathar a minister of the mahratta kings by diverting the Kaveri away from this area!
59.Sri Bhagavannama Bodhendra Saraswati : He was born in Mandana Misra Agraharam at Kanchi as the son of one Kesava Panduranga. Bhoddendra's former name was Purushottama. It was he who stressed the efficacy of devotion as a means to liberation in Kali. He therefore undertook the great task of Nama Siddhanta, or establishing the supreme efficacy of reciting the names of Bhagavan in many of his writings, chiefly in Namamrta Rasayana and Namamrta Rasodaya. His mission of Nama Siddhanta was pursued with equal vigor by Sridhara Venkatesa, or Ayyaval of Tiruvisainallur and by Sadguru Swami of Marudanallur. It was the Nama Siddhanta of Bodhendra that was ultimately responsible for the evolution of Bhajana Sampradaya as an institution in the religious life of the Hindu community in South India. 

Bodhendra performed Tatanka Pratistha at Jambukeswaram and while returning to Kanchi he attained videha mukti ( Jeeva samadhi) at Govindapuram on Full Moon day in the month of Proshtapada of the cyclic year Prajotpatti (1692 AD). His pontificate was for 54 years. It is said the spiritual presence of Bodhendra still abides at his Adhisthana at Govindapuram. It is said that in the calm silence of the night a melodious voice uttering Rama Nama is heard rising from subdued tones to a crescendo, and then fading into silence again.
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single stemmed coconut tree with two separate branchings at the top in front of the Govindapuram adhishtanam