Friday, June 25, 2010

Visit to Aadichapuram kanchi mutt run school

  kumbak4 064 Aadichapuram Ayanar koil
During April 2009 we had gone on a visit to Mannargudi and spent the afternoon in Aadichapuram at the Shri sastha trust building close to the  Sankara mutt’s School , There is  a school run by the mutt functioning in a new  renovated premise. There are lots of regular activities conducted here. Next door is the Shri Sastha trust building which is also blessed by the periyavas and functions in unison with the Sankara madam

Interior of the Sri sastha trust buildingkumbak4 026
A class in progress kumbak4 035
kumbak4 041           Dr.& Mrs.Kalyanaraman visiting the school blessing the children
  happy students kumbak4 042

 kumbak4 060

The compound where Shri Jayendra saraswathy’s upanayanam was conducted in his poorvashrama

The Sivan Koil in Aadichapuram , below is a view of the gopuram

View of the Krishna temple aadichapuram as seen from the Sankara School gate

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