Sunday, July 25, 2010

The karumari Tripurasundariamman temple Ashok nagar

I happened to stumble on the relatively new temple in Ashok nagar recently. The temple is present just off the III avenue . When you are proceeding from the Ambedkar road end towards ayodhya mandabam side the road to Srinagar colony can be seen on the right ( next to TRS IIT coaching class) this leads to the temple which is on the left side at about one furlong distance.

The entrance has a vinayaka and Lakshmi welcoming.
The main sannidhi is the Karumariamman (Thripurasundari) flanked by Selva Ganapathy and Selvamurugan. Today was Aadi Sunday hence she was decked with neem leaves
Next to the amman sannidhi is the Shivalingam. To the left of the sivalingam sannidhi is the Hanuman sannidhi
To the left of the Hanuman on a higher floor is the Complex of  Venkataramana swamy and Padmavathy thayar, In front of these is a small Hayagreeva and  Devi sannidhi. The Doors of tis sannidhi was crammed with bells being put up by bhakthas for their prarthanais.
As you get down and finish the pradakshinam you will see the Sarabeshwarar sannidhi and next to it is the mirrored small cubicle. Every Sunday evening is the utsavam of sarabeshwarar in this small cubicle

The Saraswathy on the Mandabam is very enchanting
The sheer number of vigrahas and wide variety all in one place is very enchanting. The local people throng the place on sundays and other special days and make the temple a very vibrant place. It is a really delightful experience especially on pradosham days.


  1. Only this morning I had dharsan of Muppathamman at T.Nagar. With your benevolence, I could have a look at this KARUMARI TEMPLE. I shall be telling this to the family of my daughter and son in law who are devotees of karumariamman.

    subbu rathinam.

  2. The objective of this blog is to enable more people to know about the temples and I am happy it is acheiving that purpose. thanks for the response sir

  3. Ravishankar, Your blog is really very interesting since you narration is simple. Just a small suggestion- the font size could be uniform through out... :)

  4. Aravindan SrinivasanMarch 26, 2013 at 4:09 PM

    It also has perumal & thayar sanidhi @ the first Floor.