Thursday, July 8, 2010

Siruvachur Madura Kaliamman temple

Siruvachur Madura Kaliamman
About a 50kms from trichy  and 15 kms from Perambalur on the left hand side look for an arch that announces this temple.
 26092011420   The arch at its base has a figure of Parvathy with a very cute Ganesha on her lap.
When you proceed for about a kilometer you will come upon the temple. This temple is also the kuladeivam of Mahaperiyaval’s family. siruvachur1
The peculiarity of this temple is that it is open only on Pournamis and amavasya and only on select days. There was a huge queue when I visited but it was quick.
siruvachur kali
click this blog for details and legends connected with the temple
A popular legend regarding her descent from the hills to the foothills revolves around the great Saint Adi Shankara.One day Adi Shankara passing through the foothills of Madhira malai rests under a tree due to thirst. With his concentration on the Goddess, she appears before him as a spring to quench his thirst. She shows her true form to Adi Sankara, blesses him and becomes an idol. Adi Sankara then consecrated this idol which is now worshipped as Madurakali Amman
Another popular legend says that Shri Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra   installed  the srichakram in this temple.
There is another legend linking the temple with the silappathikaram click here for the story:


  1. Hi,
    Would you happen to have a phone number for the temple?


    1. Dear all,

      My family visited this temple (in January). It is a nice temple and you feel really peaceful after the visit.

      Timings : 6 am to 9 pm (with no break) every
      Monday & Friday and also on Full Moon
      & No Moon (amavasai & Pournami) days.

      Office telephone Nos: 04328-225333 / 291375

      You may also contact Mr. K. Balakrishnan for more information at 9994015512 (he is from the temple office).

      Have agreat darshan.


  2. Sir
    The temple opens on all mondays and fridays earlier and then recently the management announced the temple will open on all full moon days and new moon days, Tamil new year, english new year and all navarathiri days.
    Hope this will help for the devotees.


  3. Thanks Mr.Ganesan for your valuble input

  4. Dear Dr Ravishankar,
    Madura kaali amman temple is our kuladeivam also.Im glad that there is a mention in your blog abt this holy temple.
    There is a trust that is run behind the premises of the temple and i guess its been opened recently. They do have a contact number. As I am abroad now, i will get the contact number from my parents and post it here if it is okay. I guess that trust is open for visitors for a minimal charge and provide anna dhaanam to the visitors as well as others there.
    Priya Sudarshan

  5. Thanks Priya sudarshan you are most welcome to pass on any helpful information

  6. Do you have the full address for me to send a small donation by cheque-A.Ganesh Ram

  7. dear Ganesh ram Though I do not have the address of the temple please visit this blog which has an address. I can not vouch for the address though.

  8. There is another link to the pujas in the temple

  9. Thank you for the information. Siruvachur Madurai Kali Amman is also our Kuladeivam. I was eager to know the reason behind opening the temple only on Friday and Monday. Now its clear. Also I would like to know how people choose kuladeivam. Because I have seen people from many different caste have the same kuladeivam.

  10. Dear Dinesh,
    Though I dont know the exact reason for chosing kuladeivam it is usually done on the basis of the places where our ancestors happened to originate from at a particular point in history . Usually all the families (of all castes)in and around a temple at that point of time have the same as kuladeivam.

  11. It is the kuladeivam of my husband's family too. But I have seen that the main priest and also other priests who do puja happens to be non brahmins. Also I have seen that this temple is the kudumba kovil of many orthodox brahmins who come there wearing madisar ( including my mother in law)and men having shikai etc from priestly family, how come the pujas are performed by non brahmins. More so when I read that the temple is also the family temple of kanchi periyava. Any one has any idea about that?

  12. Can someone help me with the time that the temple will remain open on Mondays and Fridays ? There are some who say that the temple will be open from 8 am to 8 pm. Some say that they are open from 6 am to 8pm. Has there been some change in timings in the recent past ?

  13. Contact office Ph : 04328-225333, Temple Ph : 04328-225325.

  14. Anonymous posted this number above I can not confirm the same though.

  15. Mahabishekam is done every year in this Temple
    during second week of February. Ambal is taken
    in a procession on the evening of a Friday.
    A visit to this Temples solves many problems
    to the devotees.

    Balasubramanian NR

    1. Thank you for the information. What are the temple timings, do they close for uchikalam, etc.


  16. the temple is under the Hindu Religious and charitable department. there is an executive officer also working you can get all informations from the temple authorities a well furnished rest house with a/c cottages, kalyanamandapam also maintained by the temple. temple accountant Ramashesan cell is 9443158325

  17. மிக்க நன்றி. வாழ்க வளமுடன். என்றும் அன்புடன்,
    அனந்தராமன், சென்னை.

  18. Dear all,
    Thanks for the info's shared about the holy mother, I would like to salute the author for drafting the sthala puranam in such a wonderful way so that it makes the readers to feel the vibrant of the goddess. We are planning to get the dharshan of this holy mother Tomorrow, I wish & pray her to bless all of us. let's do our prayers sincerely for the good causes , Thanks for all the info's shared by all the devotees. good luck & god bless. B.SUDHAKAR, Thanjavur.


  20. this is my native place.u can contact me. my mail id

  21. Hi, Is there a way to donate to the temple?

    1. A perusal of the above replies will give you a general idea.You can call the temple and find out

  22. Can anyone tell us the abhishekam and other similar procedures in this temple? I need information like whether the temple office will arrange all necessary items for doing abhishekam or we have to arrange it ourself, also what is the saree length to be purchased(is it 9 gajam or 6 gajam). I would request to post if you have any such useful information for the benefit of others. I will also check with the office and update once i get sufficient information.


    1. Some pooja items like Flower, garland, camphor are available at shops outside the temple on the days in which the temple is open. Other items for Abhishekam have to be purchased form elsewhere.
      Please visit the site more details about the yearly Maha abhishekam that is performed

  23. Maha Abushegam is performed every year during Feb i.e. last
    Friday of the Tamil Month Thai. On that day, darshan
    of Ambal in Golden Rath can be witnessed and it will be a
    great occasion to see the Ambal beautifully decorated.

    Mathurakali is my Kula Deivam. I visit the Temple as frequently as possible.

  24. Amazing Dr. I was web searching for ancient temples in and around Trichy that lead to your blog. Needless to say that I am from Trichy and never had an inkling about this temple until I read your blog and visited the temple the same day. Appreciate your efforts.

  25. mathurakalli amman is very powerful amman in siruvashur people any problem makes go to siruvashur the problem will be solved it is true i like the god mathurakalli because mathurakalli is my kula deivam