Thursday, July 8, 2010

Siruvachur Madura Kaliamman temple

Siruvachur Madura Kaliamman
About a 50kms from trichy  and 15 kms from Perambalur on the left hand side look for an arch that announces this temple.
 26092011420   The arch at its base has a figure of Parvathy with a very cute Ganesha on her lap.
When you proceed for about a kilometer you will come upon the temple. This temple is also the kuladeivam of Mahaperiyaval’s family. siruvachur1
The peculiarity of this temple is that it is open only on Pournamis and amavasya and only on select days. There was a huge queue when I visited but it was quick.
siruvachur kali
click this blog for details and legends connected with the temple
A popular legend regarding her descent from the hills to the foothills revolves around the great Saint Adi Shankara.One day Adi Shankara passing through the foothills of Madhira malai rests under a tree due to thirst. With his concentration on the Goddess, she appears before him as a spring to quench his thirst. She shows her true form to Adi Sankara, blesses him and becomes an idol. Adi Sankara then consecrated this idol which is now worshipped as Madurakali Amman
Another popular legend says that Shri Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra   installed  the srichakram in this temple.
There is another legend linking the temple with the silappathikaram click here for the story: