Sunday, August 29, 2010

Aminjikarai Sri. Prasanna Varadarajaswamy temple

The Prasanna varadharaja temple is located behind the Ekamabareshwarar temple at Aminjikarai.
It is a very small and vibrant temple. The Temple has five stages of Raja Gopuram, There are separate vimana gopurams and sannidhis for  the Perumal, Thayar and Andal .

As you enter the main temple through the gopura vasal on the left hand side is the Sannadhi for Ramadhuthan, Aanjaneyar about 2 feet tall. proceeding further,  the Sri Krishna sannadhi, where the perumal is found along with the flute and giving his seva in Nindra thirukkolam.
As we move on further, a mandapam with pillars are found. On these walls, Thiruppavai is carved on the white Marble stones. At the end of this Mandapam, the thaayar sannadhi is found .we then  reach the Sri Perundevi Thaayar sannidhi (the consort ). Here Manjal (Turmeric) is given as the "Prasadham" to the Bhaktas.
Next  we can see the sannadhi of Sri Andal. During 30 days in Maargazhi month, thiruppavai is recited in this sannadhi.
Next we can  see  the "Sri Srinivasar sannadhi" where both Sri Srinivasar Moolavar and Utsava Murthi are found.
proceeding next we can  see "Sri Ranganathar sannadhi". The swamy is a very small Idol in the Sayana kolam
Next to this is the Ramar and seetha sannidhi with Hanumar just outside in the lobby.
So In this temple  we see Varadaraja perumal,Sree Venkateswara perumal, Sree Krishna,Sree Ranganathar, Sree Rama( so many Vishnu swaroopas)  all in one placeDSCN1930

View before entering  the Ranganathar sannidhi as seen behind the main sannidhi
A view of the Perumal temple gopuram as seen  in the back ground from the Sivan koil entrance gopuramDSCN1926

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