Monday, August 9, 2010

Arani :Birth place Of Shri Sankara Vijayendra saraswathi

After the visit to the Siruvapuri Balasubramaniam swami temple we proceeded along the small village roads for about 15 kms to reach Arani , this town is not to be confused with the place near Vellore. This is near Thandalam and Uthukottai .
How to Reach:
The place is very easy to reach as it is just adjacent to the highway.
I travelled on the Chennai Nellore highway and crossed Panjetti over bridge and the road to Siruvapuri was on the left. The next major road after this is the state highway to Uthukottai  I took a left here .This road goes to the centre of Arani and once you reach the market and main bus stand you are welcomed by the  Gopuram of the Sampangi Pitchaleshwarar temple.  Proceed to wards the temple and the Adi Sankara temple is on the left


This town happens to be the avatara sthalam of Shri.Sankara Vijayendra saraswathi (Bala periyava) . I heard from authentic sources that this was the town where his mother came for delivery and he was born in his periappa’s house at Arani. The delivery took place in the  same house. It  has been acquired by the Kanchi mutt and an Adishankara temple has been constructed here, there is a devoted family staying here taking care of the temple

View from Outside
Near by in walking distance is the old Shiva temple The Sampangi pitchandeshwarar temple, one of the Pancha Brahma kshetrams on the Arani river.DSC_7593


After all these years today I had the opportunity to revisit this place DSCN0023DSCN0024

Today I could Visit the Sampangi Pitchaleshwarar temple !!