Monday, August 2, 2010

The Saranarayana swamy Temple Thiruvadhigai

On the Panrutti cuddalore road, about one km is the  Veerattaneshwara temple about half a kilometre further down the road towards Cuddalore  is the small temple of Vishnu., The Saranatha swamy temple. The temple  history dates back thousands of years.There is a reference to thiruvadhigai in the 4th part of Brahmmanda Puranam,under Sri Sara Narayana Mahatmiyam. Brahma is said to have shared, with Sage Narada, the greatness of Lord Sara Narayanan of Thiruvadhigai.
For Tripura samharam, Lord Vishnu is said to have handed over the Saram(bow)to Shiva. Hence, the Lord is referred to here, at the Thiruvathigai temple, as ‘Sara’Narayanan.
When you enter the Praharam the lord’s sanidhi  has a east  facing entrance
The lord is in kalyana kolam and has Lakshmi ( Hemambhuja nayaki)as his consort on one side and markandeya Rishi ( his father in law) on the other side behind the utsava murthys just like in  Oppili appan Koil  at Kumbakonam.
To the left is the sannidhi of Narasimhar who is in the reclining posture . This is the only such temple where he is in recling posture and also he is in Shanta roopa.
The Narasimha here is tired after killing an asura  Vakrasuran near present  Pondicherry
Andal in the 23rd Paasuram of her Thirupaavai,  says:
“Maari Malai Muzhainjil, Manni Kidanthu Urangum
Seeriya Singa Marivutruth Theevizhithu……….”
‘Urangum Seeriya Singam’
This is said to be a reference to this lord as nowhere else is Narasimha swamy in the reclining posture.
The Small temple has a nice vimanam with narasimha and hayagriva with their consorts

All in all a small but peaceful temple
Ready reckoner:
Moolavar : Sara Narayanan East Facing Standing Posture
Thaayar : Hemambhuja Valli
Other Sannidhis: Lord Narasimha in a Sayana Kolam
Temple Time : 630am-11am and 530pm-830pm
Contact : Sriraman Bhattar/ Sridhar Bhattar @ 94437 87186

Today 24/8/14 I re visited the temple massive construction is going on in preparation for kumbabishekam

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