Monday, August 9, 2010

Shri Dharaneeshwarar Kamakshi Temple at Thandalam

Thandalam is the quaint village where the young boy Sankaranarayanan who has now become Shri Sankara Vijayendra saraswathy the 70 th pontiff of the Kanchi Kamakshi peetam grew up initially . The  elementary school where he studied remembers him with pride and gratitude as seen by the painting on the wall. The painting is on the wall of the   classroom  where he used to study( again very authentic source)DSC_7602 DSCN1879 DSC_7603
Thandalam is also a lush green village which has the Dharanishwarar koil
The temple is nestled in acres of lush  fertile land and is a very peaceful place to visitDSC_7611
view from the main gate : a walk down leads to the main templeDSC_7608

The main sannidhi houses a huge Shivalingam  “Shri Dharanishwarar”. There  is a separate Sanctum for  Goddess Kamakshi just outside the main sanctum . The goddess is in the standing form .This sculpture resembles the goddess sculpture at Suruttapali and it is thought that the same shilpi sculpted both in Krishnadevaraya’s time.
After pradakshinam we come occross a stand alone Bhairavar DSCN1881
At the place where Bhairavar stands when it was dug up a lot of sculptures including navagrahas were found. They are being readied for consecration. A couple of Shiva's can be seen kept in the background from the retrieved vigrahas
Just near the gate is an enclosed navagraha sannidhi. The whole place was so peaceful that i could not bear to go to my next destination “Suruttapalli” But the trip beckons!

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