Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sree Lalithambigai Temple -Thirumeeyachur

On the Mayavaram Tiruvarur road after about 20 kms from
Mayavaram you will come to peralam in Nannilam from here the temple is about 1 km Take the branch in front of the Peralam railway station . I visited this place in 2005 and this kindled my interest of the temples
kumbak 037The temple is surrounded by verdant greenery( The temple is behind the greenery on the right)
The temple was re built by Rajendra chola and Sembian mahadevi .The temple is built with the gajaprishti vimanam (elephant back style).kumbak 035

The legend of the temple is that Surya was cursed to be come dark and he prayed here to lord Meganatha for relief. It is also associated with Kartaru and Vinuthai the wifes of sage Kashyapa (who were the mothers of Garuda and the Nagas )who had an argument about the colour of Indra's horse Uchisravas .
The presiding lord here is Shiva and he is called Meghanatha Swamy and the goddess is Lalithambikai also called Santhanayaki. The Ambal Idol is five feet tall and installed over a Srichakra. As soon as you enter the first prahara you will see the Lalithambikai sannidhi on the right. the temple has a five tiered rajagopuram for the ambal There is a scene where Shiva is seen placating his consort this is known as  shiva gangadhara concept. please see the link below for further info - Lalithambigai (Anger)
kumbak 034
The Sun worships the Lord with his rays falling on the Lord from 21st to 27th of chiththirai.even now  is it not a marvelous Civil engineering feat!
As directed  by Hayagriva sage agasthiyar came to this temple and worshiped the God  as done by the sun and saluted “Lalithambikai”. Yama also worshiped the Lord here.
Sage Agastya is believed to have composed  Lalita Navaratnamala in praise of the Goddess here. He has also composed a hymn named Rahasyanamasahasram.this is also the place where hayagriva tells Agasthya about the greatness of  Lalitha sahasranama
Saivite saints Thirugnana Sambandar and Thirunavukkarasar have sung in praise of this temple
it is considered auspicious to sing Lalithasahasranamam here in the lalithambikai sannidhi
kumbak 036
The  ratham what a marvel!!

I happened to re visit on 26/12/13. The temple is undergoing maintainence. The Kurukkal spent a lot of time explaining the many legends of the temple . It was the birthplace of Garuda and Aruna, Vaali and Sugriva, Shani and Yama. Surya regained his lustre and wives here.

A few more snaps from Jan 2016 visitDSC05428DSC05429DSC05432DSC05433DSC05436DSC05437DSC05439DSC05440DSC05442DSC05443DSC05445DSC05448DSC05449DSC05452


  1. Mikka Nandri, Azhagaana Varnanai

  2. hi,
    how to reach this temple from bangalore.

  3. The shortest way would be to reach Trichy or Tanjore .From Tajore via tiruvarur you can reach the temple by road.

  4. Dear Dr. Ravi,
    I was thrilled to read your blog. Just last weekend the four of us along with Mom and Dad had been to Mayavaram and surrounding temples. I was sending an email to Sundar about our trip and writing in detail about Lalithambikai temple as he worships her. I could not remember Arunan's name, and I hit google to search on the temple and chanced on your blog. Simply wonderful. With all smiles, Meena Suresh, Harrington Road.

    1. Thanks for the coment Meena.the purpose of the blog is tohelp people know about these temples and experience the visit with full knowledge.

  5. Great description of the temple. I visited the temple a couple of days ago and was quite impressed with the ambience of the temple.

    It is good to see that this temple is just 2-3 kms from Peralam station (the road branches off just opposite the station) which is being expanded (with a second platform) to accomodate more train traffic presumably from Mayiladuthurai.

    1. Thanks Sridhar for your coments and input about the peralam station .

  6. my husband and I too share interest in visiting old temples like you ..recently we went about several temples in and around kumbakonam and one was Lalithambikai temple ..Did you also notice that the goddess here takes on "sampoorna" alankaaram ..? As in all the jewelry is actually wearable by the goddess here ..including the "kolusu' ! amazing and there is a story to this too ..

    1. thats very informative thanks ms.viji

    2. Pratima ChandrasekharAugust 25, 2012 at 1:10 PM

      That is true Viji! The Kovil Shaastrigal very vividly narrated the incident of the lady from Bangalore who visited this temple after Lalithambigai came in her dream and told her to give her Kolusu to wear. On reaching the temple she informed the authorities and they were surprised as the idol there did not sport anklets and also there was no 'gap' in the idol to actually latch the anklets around the ankle. Imagine their surprise when they investigated and actually found a niche through which they could insert and latch the two ends of the anklet - apparently years of abhishekam with Chandan had clogged up the hole! Since then it has become an accepted practice for devotees to offer Anklets to the deity.

    3. Could any of you give me the phone no of Lalithambikai temple.You could also inform who is to be contacted for archanai etc.I am from bangalore.
      I am very glad Ravi shanker as well as Pratimaji are aware of these happennings.I am also a devotee of madurai kaaliamman of siruvachuur.
      If possible please help

  7. Dear Sri RaviShankar,
    Is there a place to stay at tirumaiychur?

    1. As far as I know its a very small place no hotels. Nearest is Mayavaram/ kumbakonam

  8. Dear Ravi,
    My experience will be little odd, but since there is truth in all comments, similar to my experience I am adding to it, I usually read blogs and never comment. This is the first.

    I had visited thirumeeyachur along with family while visiting other temples in kumbakonam. I do not know the story of the anklet or rather do not have full information about the temple, except that this is a temple for lalitha, I have never visited lalitha temple anywhere before so was curious.
    Entered the temple, went close to her, stood there, saw her, was gazing at her beauty as while others were doing the same, so did I, my family members told me later, I seemed to have cried (tears running all over my cheek) for almost 10+ mins, sastrygal did not disturb me at all. I came out and was staring at all my family members. Do not why, and what made me to cry. Still wondering why?
    I was very releaved from that day, again not sure, what was I releaved from?
    While we think God is everywhere, I really believe she lives here in thirumeeyachur.


    1. I have heard Learned people say the experience you had was your atma communicating with the supreme power. Since we do not have previous janma memories the atma which remembers was in action. You are indeed blessed as you have become relieved!!

  9. Dear Sri Ravi Shankar MAY 16th 2013 at 10:41 PM

    We used to visit temples in and around K Konam and Mayuram every year,While I was passing Peralam I used to notice Flex board with SREE LALITHMBIGAI photo on & Showing the directio to THirumeyachur,I used to notice Every time And used tell myself that we can see next time.On one occasion I took right turn which leads to Thirumeyachur,While i was proceeding to temple i have immense pleasure which can not be describe in words.We reached the temple an old Brahmin was narrating mahimais of GODESS SREE LALITHAMBAL,we were astonished (our body was in mayirkoochal ). I do not have any knowledge on sanskrit,I prayed GODESS to Read the LALITHA SAHASRANAMAM,now i read in the temple from my very next visit.I used to visit temple whenever I wish.Ihave not had a such a experience in my life.


  10. Om Sri Mata Sri Lalitaambica namo namaha