Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kaaraneshwarar Koil Mylapore

This is the first  of the saptharishi siva temple worshipped by Vashishta. It is situated in the Bazaar street. The temple has no Rajagopuram but it is very enthralling. It is supposed to have been built in the 12 th century DSCN2027

The main sannidhi as seen above has the Sivalingam with a square base as seen in Thirukkadaiyur and Kalahasthi.

The sthala purana of the temple talks about a young Brahmin who renounced his family and began serving Lord Siva in Linga roopa.  The youthful Brahmin realised through his penance that Lord Siva was the Cause of Creation, Maintenance and Destruction of the World. The Lord was said to be so pleased that one day he manifested within the Linga and said, "I am here". He said, "Let this linga henceforth be known as Karaneeswara." Karaneeswara means one who is the Cause.

At the entrance one finds the vigraha of Sarvamangala Vinayaka who is the Pradhana Vinayaka in this temple. On the other side are Dandapani and Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi.

The "Nandhi" faces the linga and to the right of the main deity is Porkodi Ambal facing the south. Here she is known as "Pon Alandhidum Ambal" as prayers to her are said to bestow gold (Pon) on the devotee. One can see "Shiva Sooryan" and the five famous Nayanmars. There are shrines to Vishnu, Dakshinamurthy, Annamalaiyar, Unnamalaiamman, Vilvanathar, Devasenapathy Sametha Subramania, Vishnu Durga and Brahma.There are also shrines to Chandikeswara, Saneeswara and the Navagrahas with Surya accompanied by his consorts Chaya Devi and Usha Devi. The Vishnu Durga is worshipped during "Rahu kalam" by childless couples, since she is believed to remove the adverse effects of Rahu in not granting the blessing of offspring.


Another small temple but very ancient ambience