Sunday, September 5, 2010

Madhavaperumal temple Mylapore

Next to the Virupaksha temple in a few metres is the sprawling Madhava perumal temple. It is associated with the birth of Pey Alwar one of the earliest alwars. Bhrigu muni had his ashram nearby and Srilakshmi was born as his daughter and the Lord married her and stayed at this place.

It is a very old temple DSCN2001

There is a four pillared mantapam with exquisite carvings  in front of the temple


There is a nice pattern in the roof with stone slabs  arrangement

As seen partially below there are carvings in al the pillars on all the four sides


As you enter the main sannidhi is seen in frontDSCN2008 

The main sanidhi has Madhava perumal in the seated posture with Amrithavali thayar (Sri devi) and Bhoo devi flanking him. The utsavar has  varaha moorthy also, The foreground vimanam is the temple for Pey alwar. The mandapam pillars in front of the main sannidhi has lots of carvings




There is a separate sannidhi to the south west for Amrithavali thayar you can see the thayar sannidhi in the centre belowDSCN2007

next to this sanidhi is the sannidhi for bhoovarahamurthy  with bhooma devi

and to the north west is the sannidhi for Rama Seetha , Lakshmana and anjaneya you can see this below  DSCN2024

There is a Kulam  to the right of the main sannidhi and thayar sanidhi and a mandapam with lots of carvings enroute to the thayar sannidhi. The kulam is the pushkarini


At the southwest corner there is a small sannidhi for a cute Bala Anjaneya (seen as the bulb on the left hand side in the pic below).FSCN2033

All in all an old and  Vibrant temple