Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mailam Murugan Temple

When you travel on GST road from Chennai to villupuram Just after Tindivanam  before Villupuram on your left hand side you can see the temple gopuram  on a hill. Take the road to Mailam on the left  from the highway and in 15 kms  you will reach the road from pondy ( 25 kms away). A left turn here takes you to the main road and a further left in a small lane takes you to the hill. This small hill  can be either climbed by steps or you can drive up to the main gopuram,

The entrance is how ever through the south side via a small gopuram. The temple is fairly of recent origin with records from 1750’s.
There are  a bunch of monkeys so beware!! They do not hesitate to pluck things from your hand and are quite accustomed to human contact!! They are pretty aggressive also.DSCN2098

As you enter the temple the main sannidhi is facing east with murugan and Valli devesena. To the extreme left is the Vinayakar sannidhi and in-between these two is the jeeva samadhi of Bala siddhar.  (There is a Mutt nearby of the Balasiddhars a sect of veera shaivas with close links to Palani who control this temple)
There is a seperate Navagraha sannidhi in the temple.
For the legend and the history  please see the following link
“Sthalapuranam of Mailam temple
The inner praharam has fine exquisite stone carvings  as below


In short a very enjoyable trip to a divine little hill top temple, lots of locals come for a picnic om the weekends here .