Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pattu Kolavizhi Amman temple

The Pattu Kolavizhi Amman temple is situated at Mylapore ( near Sanskrit College ) in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This temple is dedicated to Goddesses Pattu Kolavizhi Amman, Click-0008

. It is believed that worshippers at this temple will be cured of all diseases and being blessed for peace & prosperity. The deity in this temple is Suyambu in form, she is known for her love and affection towards her devotees. She is also known as Choclate amman.

There are also other deities like Pachai pattu Kolavizhi Amman,Aparna Kali Amman,Ananda Kolavizhi Amman, Mangala Kali Amman,Apart Lord Ganesh, Lord Murugan, Lord Ayyappa, Lord Dakshinamoorthy, Lord Kailasa Kabali


The main sanctum has the Amman in a small ugra rupam and towering above her is the shanta swaroopa ananda kolavizhi amman. All abhishekams are for the ugra roopam and the shanta swaropa gets only an oil coating, It is a very arresting Idol .Click-0005

Many say that this is the original Kali of the Kapalishwarar koil. 

the temple vinayagar can be seen beneath the combination of peepal and neem tree and the other side of the tree. Anjaneyar is seated in a separate sanidhi, sapthakanniyar(7 goddess,forms of sakthi) are seen in standing position in a single row.