Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thirumalaivayyanoor Prasanna Venkatesa perumal temple- Padalam

This is a temple which can be seen on a hill from The GST road on the right hand side when you are travelling from Chengalpet to Tindivanam.
When you cross Chengalpet proceed till you cross Andal azhagar engineering  college ( belongs to Actor vijayakanth ). Before you come to the Arupadai veedu Engineering college look for the road to Vedanthangal and take a right turn.From this point the foot hill is 6.11 kms.
At this point you will cross the Ramanujar koodam a place of praying and a termple by Ramanuja devotees on your right hand sideDSCN2136 The koodam also houses a beautiful perumal and next to him is a rare navagraha Vinayagar with Narasimhar all in one a worth seeing piece of art housed in a seperate enclosureDSCN2327
Just beyond this is a small road to the rightDSCN2135

A short ride up the narrow hill road takes you to the temple.You can also climb up a set of steps from the foot hillsDSCN2131
The entrance to the temple is from the East(traffic not allowed beyond this point)
Before the Main sanctum on the right you find the triple sannidhis of Ramar, lakshmana & seetha , Varaha moorthy and Kannan with rukmini sathyabhama. It is customary to visit Varaha moorthy before visiting Perumal
The main sannidhi houses Prasanna Venkatesa perumal in the Nindra kolam just as i tirupati but the vigraham is smaller
To the right of this sannidhi is the sannidhi housing Chakrathalwar and Narasimhar and Ramanujar
(Rear view of the temple) DSCN2123
The temple was built by the thondaiman kings about 1800 years ago as per the priest.
From the top you get a scenic view of the Teppakulam below
(You can see the Ramanujar koodam in the back ground of the kulam below)

There was Hot pulyogarai ,Laddu, Adhirasam, Thattai and murukku being sold as prasadam
A very divine experience. The temple closes by 5 PM as it is a hill temple and today as it was Sravana it was open in the afternoon also . We were lucky.
(There are excellent rest room facilities as pay per use on top).
(Note I visited the place today i.e.;30/1/2011 the rest room is locked and the keys are with a temple worker not to be found and the public have used the corridors all around for their convenience to relieve themselves making it impossible to go near itself so ignore the above note about clean rest rooms!! )

please visit this link for a great write up about the renovation of this temple in earlier times by mahaperiyava  page 9