Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Virupaksheshwara temple mylapore (Also known as Veerabhadra swamy temple)

This temple is situated  near the Karaneeshwara temple  and Mundakani amman temple.DSCN1997
it is the oldest temple in Mylapore. it was worshipped by sage Kutsa . The temple was built by sivanesa chettiar whose daughter poompavai was brought back to life by Thirugnana sambhandar by the grace of siva.
As you enter the Main door you can see the main sanctum in front with the veera bhadrar. . The temple has a separate sanidhi for Kasi vishwanathar,Visalakshi and  Adishankara .
There is a small sannidhi for Anjaneya and navagraha on the left and as you come into the temple . I could see a “vennai” alangaram for anjeneya which was truly beautiful with lot of jari work done aesthetically. The priest must be complimented
(that is the reason for the crowd in the left hand side in the pic  below)DSCN1999
The temple is part of the saptha siva temples worshipped by the saptha rishis .