Monday, January 24, 2011

Sri Sivaloga nayagi Naageshwara temple –Poovarasan kuppam-Navagraha kshetram (Rahu ketu sthalam)

A short walk away in front of the Poovarasan Kuppam Lakshmi narasimha swamy temple (described beforehand ) is this Siva temple. The temple is also called Nadu nattu Naageshwaram . It is  a Rahu- Ketu parihara sthalam. The temple is quaint and small.
The temple has been recently renovated and is spic and span with polished granite interiorsrahu ketu0001
The main Sanctum houses a Sivalingam Sri.Naageshwarar. The amman sannidhi is to the right  of the main sanidhi and houses  a standing amman Sri Sivaloga nayagi.
To the west side in the outer courtyard are the seperate shrines of Rahu and Ketu side by side with their respective consorts. ( I could not take Photos inside).
These are the details from the Gurukal’s visiting card  as displayed below.
G.Nagaraja gurukkal,Sivan Koil,Poovarasankuppam-605105Villupuram DT,Tamilnadu,9442010834,9486748013 .