Monday, April 4, 2011

Thirumullaivoyal Vaishnavi Temple

I traveled westwards from Kilpauk towards ambattur to see two temples at Tirumullaivoyal today.The first temple is The Vaishnavi temple .
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When you proceed on SH 205 from Padi towards ambattur after crossing Ambattur OT at about 14 kms from padi fly over you will enter  Thirumullaivoyal. Right on the highway you can see the police station and next to this you can see the arch of the temple leading into a serene temple situated in lush 50 acres of private land. The temple is run by volunteers and you have the privilege of doing pooja archanai or abhishekam yourself  all under guidance by the volunteer devotees!
View of the arch from the road

Thirumullaivoyal Vaishnavi Temple
View of the temple entrance as you enter the outer courtyard 
The temple  houses the idols of Ganesha and Muruga. A small shrine for Ganesha near the tree and another for Dakshinamurthy are also found. Navagraha idols are also installed in this temple. The temple entrance has two small idols of Hayagreevar and Agastya.
View as you enter the inner courtyard .This hall houses the Vaishnavi in a simple hall in the standing posture
Thirumullaivoyal Vaishnavi Temple
Sri Parthasarathy, the son of Srinivasa Iyengar, a famous Indian national leader, got the idol of Vaishnavi Devi as a gift from some unknown person maybe a siddhar. He built this temple of Vaishnavi Devi in 1954. The main idol of the temple Vaishnavi Devi is extraordinarily beautiful
Thirumullaivoyal Vaishnavi Temple .

The samadhi of sri Parthasarathy can be seen in the fore front here.
The temple is open on all days except first Monday of every month in the mornings.
The serene atmosphere in the midst of the Industries will definitely enchant you.


  1. This temple was visited by KARAI SIDHAR in the company of Smt.Ambujam Ammal and Sadhu Parthasarathi.More over they published arare book on Lord Suramanya Archana with Sahasranamavali for each MUKAM. iwant acopy .Can you help

  2. I am not able to help you on this sir you could probably meet the temple committee which has an office in the temple and they may be able to help,

  3. dr.ravishankar u any photograph of karai siddhar or any information about karai siddhar related with temple Dr............

  4. Dr.Vinod I am sorry asI dont have inputs on this subject.

    1. Temple authorities will know anything about karai siddhar sir......dr.ravi shankar

  5. the goddess looks so beautiful....