Sunday, May 22, 2011

Navagraha temples in chennai near Porur – Gerugambakam Neelakanteshwara Temple –Ketu sthalam

I chanced upon this temple on my return from Kovoor. This is a small temple easily missed but the Amman Kamakshi here is part of the triad of Kamakshi 's –Adi kamakshi .22052011332
Route:On the Porur  Kunrathur road before the intersection of the byepass you will see Gerugambakkam bus stand take a left here and along the narrow cement track take the second left road and the right turn at the Y intersection you will stumble upon the temple.
There is no gopuram here as kethu bhagawan is supposed to lord over the universe. Though the priest said the sivalingam is the manifestation of kethu I did find a small sannidhi of a snake carved on stone representing Kethu
When Siva swallowed the poison during the churning of the ocean Kamakshi held Sivas neck and prevented the poison from descending hence his neck became blue_Neelakanteshwara.
As you enter the praharam what you se in front is the south facing door which leads us to the sannidanam of a huge standing Kamakshi (Adi kamakshi) who is so enchanting and compels us to keep seeing her. To the left is the sivan sannidhi with a big Lingam Shri Neelakanteshwarar
The temple is very small and not very popular outside but it is a part of the navagraha circuit hence will soon be popular!