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Thiruninravur Bhaktavatsala perumal

This is the 55 th divyadesam of Vaishnava temples in India and is situated close to the Hrudayaleshwara siva temple in Thiruninravur.
How to reach:
Thiruninravur  is situated in Thiruvallur District and is about 35 kms Northwest of Chennai. On the road from Chennai to Thiruvallur,( the MTH road or chennai anantapur road) proceed west from padi  till you cross Pattabiram .When you reach Tiruninravur  you see the over bridge  across the railway rack take a right turn and climb on the bridge and proceed south as you get down on the other side look for the temple on the second left road the road takes you right to the back of the temple . You cam also reach it from Thirumazisai one has to take right turn after Kalki bhagwan ashram and sriram eng college and ask for the temple . From there Thiruninravur temple  is about 4 kms.
Thiruninravur can also be reached by Suburban trains from Chennai to Arakkonam, after Pattabiram.
It is believed that Samudraraja (Lord Varuna), who is the father of Goddess Lakshmi worshipped Lord Vishnu here. It is also said that the Perumal here is always giving dharshan (ப்ரத்யக்ஷம்) to Lord Varuna. Thiruninravur is considered as the place of Goddess as she settled here first and then Lord came here to Her place. The rarity of this temple is that the Lord Sri Bhakthavatsala Perumal is staying permanently at his in-law’s place . As Goddess settled here first, the place itself had got its name after her. In Thamizh, ‘Thiru’ means Sri Lakshmi, ‘Ninra’ means stood, ‘Vur’ means place.
The Goddess of this temple is ‘Ennai Petra Thaayaar’  also called as Sri Sudhaa Valli.
According to legend, Thirumangai Aazhwaar had visited this temple and left to Thirukkadal Mallai - today’s Mahabalipuram without singing a single Paasuram on the Lord. After he left, Sri Bhakthavatsala Perumal gave Dharshan to him again at Thirukkadal Mallai. It is said that Thirumangai Aazhwaar had God’s dharshan from Mahabalipuram itself, after which he had sung 2 Paasurams on the Lord, admiring the beauty and similarities of the deities in Thirukkadal Mallai, Thiruninravur and Thirukkanna Mangai.
Later days, with the divine instruction of the Lord, a Pallava King had constructed this temple and arranged for Brahmotsavam
(view of the temple entrance and Raja gopuram)
(view of the Rajagopuram from inside)
View of the Main sanctum from outside
The main deity Sri Bhakthavatsala Perumal here gives dharshan in standing posture facing east. He has Sridevi and Bhoo devi as his consorts
The sudha valli thayar sanidhi is in the North west.
Other deities of the temple are  Sri Aandaal, Sri Chakkarathaazhwar and Sri Aadhiseshan. Paramapatha Vaasal is located on the Northern Praakaaram.
There is Sri Anjaneyar Shrine opposite the temple, facing west. The beautiful temple chariot is parked there adjacent to Sri Anjaneyar Shrine.

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