Sunday, October 30, 2011

Manimangalam Dharmeeshwarar temple

A stones throw away from the Kailasanathar temple is this temple. The temple is ASI managed and I was impressed by the presence of a supervisor on a Sunday who ran to the kurukkal’s house and got the keys at about 11 am and showed us around. He refused any remuneration!!

On the approach road is a well directed sign DSCN3214

There is a prominent board by ASI also DSCN3213

The front lawn was occupied by young men playing cricket on a Sunday morning in the shade of the peepul tree


As in any ASI monument photography was allowed and I post these here

As you enter the main gate you see the ambal sannidhi in front (Vedhaambigai) with the main  Nandi and balipeetam placed outside the main  temple wall!! there is a small recess for Nandi to see the lord inside. So ambal and Nandi are away from the inner temple!DSCN3183


( Ambal sannidhi seen in front) The ambal was covered with greenish moss/ fungus probably due to the monsoon rains


The entrance to the main temple with the pillars having many miniature carvings of Ganesha and Subramanya in many formsDSCN3190



The entire outer walls have extensive inscriptions about the endowments, history and local grants by prominent citizens a virtual history record!!DSCN3189

The sanctum has a huge Siva lingam in the Garbagruha with a navagraha in the ante chamber. there is a separate grilled area inside for the utsava moorthy which is sadly lacking as it was apparently stolen long time ago.

The outside of the temple has multiple ganeshas under Bilva trees, a Bairavar is also there in a separate niche along with a  separate Shanishwara.sannidhiDSCN3196




(second ganesha)


(Shanishwara with Crow as vahana in his separate niche )

The walls of the main  temple have Ganesha, Dakshina murthy,Perumal,Brahma,Durga and also a chandikeshwarar nearby


(side view of the temple with ganesha and Dakshinamurthy)






Perumal behind the temple


There are a lot of vigrahas partly damaged and kept aside




A very peaceful temple so close to bustling civilisation crying for patronage!!